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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, B. F. Erie Co. Buffalo Ward 2 abt 1814 New York 131/843
Whitney, B. S. Rensselaer Co. Troy Ward 4 abt 1829 New York 384
Whitney, Barnabus Onondaga Co. Otisco abt 1791 Massachusetts 7/595
Whitney, Bathsheba Washington Co. Granville abt 1812 Vermont 20
Whitney, Beland Saint Lawrence Co. Macomb abt 1825 New York 18
Whitney, Belden Tompkins Co. Enfield abt 1804 New York 276
Whitney, Belinda Chautauqua Co. Chautauqua abt 1815 New York 5/5
Whitney, Belinda Monroe Co. Mendon abt 1806 New York 46
Whitney, Belle Onondaga Co. Syracuse Ward 6 abt 1837 New York 55/911
Whitney, Benett Cattaraugus Co. Freedom abt 1841 New York 125/333
Whitney, Benj. Oneida Co. Western abt 1859 New York 300/529
Whitney, Benj. Ontario Co. Manchester abt 1809 Vermont 9/421
Whitney, Benjamin Broome Co. Binghamton Ward 4 abt 1835 New York 132/411
Whitney, Benjamin Broome Co. Binghamton Ward 1 abt 1831 New York 9/287
Whitney, Benjamin Chautauqua Co. French Creek abt 1832 New York 2/284
Whitney, Benjamin Chemung Co. Big Flats abt 1799 New York 46/924
Whitney, Benjamin Erie Co. Sardinia abt 1830 New York 66/784
Whitney, Benjamin Saint Lawrence Co. Madrid abt 1814 New York 46
Woodney, Benjamin Tompkins Co. Ithaca abt 1817 Pennsylvania 20
Whitney, Benjamin Washington Co. Kingsbury abt 1848 New York 34
Whitney, Benjamin S. Queens Co. Newtown abt 1839 New York 253/727
Whitney, Benjamine Oswego Co. Hastings abt 1817 New York 30
Whitney, Benjm. Saint Lawrence Co. Potsdam abt 1811 Canada 53/805
Whitney, Bertha Chenango Co. Sherburne abt 1860 [New York] 94
Whitney, Betsey Allegany Co. Willing abt 1842 New York 23/307
Whitney, Betsey Chautauqua Co. Silver Creek abt 1792 Massachusetts 27/387
Whitney, Betsey Essex Co. Schroon abt 1818 New York 57/269
Whiting, Betsey Jefferson Co. Philadelphia abt 1805 New York 33/301
Whitney, Betsey Onondaga Co. Marcellus abt 1796 Connecticut 63/699
Whitney, Betsey Saint Lawrence Co. Madrid abt 1816 Vermont 7/989
Whitney, Betsey Saint Lawrence Co. Lawrence abt 1791 New Hampshire 1/887
Whitney, Betsey Steuben Co. Hornby abt 1783 Vermont 20
Whitney, Betsey M. Orleans Co. Barre abt 1805 Vermont 105/1059
Whitney, Betsy Broome Co. Sandford abt 1793 New York 174/848
Whitney, Betsy Chautauqua Co. French Creek abt 1825 New York 2/284
Whitney, Betsy Genesee Co. Pavilion abt 1811 New York 8/274
Whitney, Betsy Jefferson Co. Henderson abt 1790 New Hampshire 92/490
Whitney, Betsy Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1798 New York 138
Whitney, Bewel Franklin Co. Malone abt 1846 Vermont 111/111
Whitney, Blanche Albany Co. Albany Ward 2 abt 1855 New York 91/319
Whitney, Borney Saint Lawrence Co. Lawrence abt 1832 New York 3/889
Whitney, Brainard Cortland Co. Taylor abt 1837 New York 30/652
Whitney, Bridget Monroe Co. Rochester Ward 3 abt 1845 New York 104
Whitney, Bridget New York Co. New York Ward 21 District 5 abt 1820 Ireland 233/489
Witney, Bridget New York Co. New York Ward 22 District 3 abt 1827 Ireland 224/523
Whitney, Burret Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1859 New York 138
Whitney, Burton Jefferson Co. Clayton abt 1855 New York 47/479
Whitney, Burton Niagara Co. Niagara abt 1854 New York 147/227
Whitney, Burt Orleans Co. Barre abt 1852 New York 167/1121
Whitney, Byron Albany Co. West Troy Ward 4 abt 1858 New York 169/169
Whitney, Byron Chenango Co. Sherburne abt 1858 [New York] 94
Whitney, Byron Cortland Co. Homer abt 1849 New York 91/226
Whitney, Byron Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1831 New York 138
Whitney, Byron A. Franklin Co. Dickinson abt 1846 New York 28/392
Whitney, Byron D. Allegany Co. Burns abt 1857 New York 14/156
Whitney, Byron S. Jefferson Co. Henderson abt 1844 New York 92/490
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