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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, O. Albany Co. Albany Ward 4 abt 1815 New York 88/576
Whitney, O. D. Oswego Co. Mexico abt 1836 New York 94
Whitney, O. F. Oswego Co. Mexico abt 1817 New York 36
Whitney, O. H. Oswego Co. Mexico abt 1809 New York --
Whitney, Oliva Broome Co. Binghamton Ward 4 abt 1839 New York 132/411
Whitney, Olive Allegany Co. Willing abt 1846 New York 23/307
Whitney, Olive Delaware Co. Meredith abt 1849 New York 24/282
Whitney, Olive Essex Co. Schroon abt 1822 New York 56/238
Whitney, Olive Niagara Co. Porter abt 1811 Vermont 42
Whitney, Olive Niagara Co. Porter abt 1856 New York 42
Whitney, Olive Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1801 New York 138
Whitney, Olive Tioga Co. Spencer abt 1842 New York 5/641
Whitney, Olive J. Broome Co. Conklin abt 1857 New York 12/912
Whitney, Olive M. Tioga Co. Candor abt 1832 New York 87
Whitney, Oliver Broome Co. Triangle abt 1818 [New York] 95/80
Whitney, Oliver Dutchess Co. Fishkill abt 1844 New York 226/599
Whitney, Oliver Franklin Co. Moira abt 1790 Massachusetts 62/256
Whitney, Oliver Oswego Co. Mexico abt 1807 New York 94
Whitney, Oliver H. Washington Co. Greenwich abt 1855 New York 211/761
Whitney, Oliver W. Steuben Co. Caton abt 1829 New York 152/220
Whitney, Olivia Broome Co. Binghamton Ward 1 abt 1840 New York 9/287
Whitney, Olivia Cortland Co. Homer abt 1843 New York 47/183
Whitney, Opula Tioga Co. Owego abt 1846 New York 128
Whitney, Ora Monroe Co. Rochester Ward 2 abt 1857 New York 74
Whitney, Orange Chautauqua Co. Harmony abt 1824 Pennsylvania 4/622
Whitney, Orange Chautauqua Co. Sherman abt 1789 Pennsylvania 12/258
Whitney, Orange Saint Lawrence Co. Madrid abt 1816 New York --
Witney, Orange Wyoming Co. Bennington abt 1836 New York 46
Whitney, Orenda Clinton Co. Mooers abt 1790 New Hampshire 36/380
Whitney, Orinda Onondaga Co. Elbridge abt 1833 New York 49/369
Whitny, Orlando Essex Co. Essex abt 1827 New York 73/377
Whitney, Orla Oswego Co. Oswego Ward 4 abt 1855 New York 40
Whitney, Orma S. Niagara Co. Wilson abt 1849 New York 24
Whittney, Orpha H. Tompkins Co. Newfield abt 1852 New York 351
Whitney, Orris Saint Lawrence Co. Potsdam abt 1813 New York 120
Whitney, Orson J. Delaware Co. Sidney abt 1848 New York 251/637
Whitney, Orvill M. Chautauqua Co. Chautauqua abt 1840 New York 69/69
Whitney, Orvilla Wayne Co. Ontario abt 1834 New York 53/643
Whitney, Orville Oswego Co. Mexico abt 1830 New York 83/531
Whitney, Orville Saint Lawrence Co. Hermon abt 1854 New York 30
Whitney, Orville Ulster Co. Shawangunk abt 1856 New York 32
Whitney, Oscar Chemung Co. Big Flats abt 1850 New York 39/918
Whitney, Oscar Erie Co. Buffalo Ward 1 abt 1841 Indiana 108/108
Whitney, Oscar Livingston Co. Livonia abt 1845 New York 14/694
Whitney, Oscar Ontario Co. Hopewell abt 1840 New York 5/217
Whitney, Oscar Saratoga Co. Edinburg abt 1833 [New York] 65/209
Whitney, Oscar Wayne Co. Ontario abt 1824 New York 49/639
Whitney, Oscar T. Orange Co. Warwick abt 1805 New York 323/505
Whitney, Otis Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1787 Massachusetts 138
Whitney, Owen New York Co. New York Ward 18 District 6 abt 1847 Ireland 161/369
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