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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Witney, P. Westchester Co. New Castle abt 1810 New York 8
Whitney, P. B. Tioga Co. Candor abt 1837 New York 87
Whitney, P. E. J. Kings Co. Brooklyn Ward 11 District 2 abt 1828 New York 12/230
Whitney, P. F. Essex Co. Essex abt 1813 New York 58/362
Whitney, P. J. C. New York Co. New York Ward 8 District 3 abt 1842 New York 191/855
Whitney, Pamelia Broome Co. Conklin abt 1823 New York 14/914
Whitney, Pamelia Chemung Co. Horseheads abt 1858 New York 22/948
Whitney, Parkhurst Niagara Co. Niagara abt 1785 Massachusetts 141/221
Whitney, Parmelia Broome Co. Binghamton Ward 1 abt 1839 New York 39/317
Whitney, Parmelia Columbia Co. Kinderhook abt 1842 New York 33/1031
Whitney, Paschal L. Rensselaer Co. Schaghticoke abt 1800 New Hampshire 4
Whitney, Patience Lewis Co. Denmark abt 1825 New York 80/658
Whitney, Patience Oneida Co. Kirkland abt 1777 New York --
Wittney, Patrick New York Co. New York Ward 21 District 3 abt 1835 Ireland 186
Whitney, Patrick New York Co. New York Ward 17 District 10 abt 1852 New York 29
Whitney, Pattie M. Jefferson Co. Henderson abt 1816 New York 92/490
Whitney, Patty Saint Lawrence Co. Lawrence abt 1807 Vermont 54
Whitney, Paul Saint Lawrence Co. Norfolk abt 1821 Vermont 48
Whitney, Percilla Cortland Co. Homer abt 1817 New York 47/183
Whitney, Perry Oneida Co. Vernon abt 1835 New York 16
Whitney, Perry Oswego Co. Scriba abt 1840 New York 7/659
Whitney, Peter Franklin Co. Dickinson abt 1796 Vermont 28/392
Whitney, Peter B. Onondaga Co. Syracuse Ward 6 abt 1801 New York 45/901
Whitney, Peter F. Ulster Co. Kingston abt 1816 New York 394
Whitney, Peter G. Greene Co. Catskill abt 1857 New York 325/635
Whitney, Peter R. Putnam Co. Southeast abt 1799 New York 5/69
Whitney, Phebe Delaware Co. Franklin abt 1793 New York 63/63
Whitney, Phebe Delaware Co. Roxbury abt 1818 New York 24/284
Whitney, Phebe Delaware Co. Sidney abt 1837 New York 95/591
Whitney, Phebe Erie Co. Sardinia abt 1790 New York 66/784
Whitney, Phebe Essex Co. Schroon abt 1800 Vermont 56/238
Whitney, Phebe New York Co. New York Ward 21 District 1 abt 1790 New York 235/831
Whitney, Phebe Otsego Co. Oneonta abt 1838 New York 11/377
Whitney, Phebe Tompkins Co. Newfield abt 1839 New York 319
Whitney, Phebe H. Westchester Co. Somers abt 1814 Ireland 146
Whitney, Phebe L. Saint Lawrence Co. Canton abt 1844 New York 101/207
Whitney, Phila J. Putnam Co. Kent abt 1836 New York 7/131
Whitney, Philander Washington Co. Granville abt 1834 New York 20
Whitny, Philena Essex Co. Essex abt 1827 New York 73/377
Whitney, Philiman Saint Lawrence Co. Ogdensburg abt 1859 New York 110
Whitney, Philina Steuben Co. Caton abt 1783 Connecticut 154
Whitney, Philip Saint Lawrence Co. Pitcairn abt 1829 Canada 56
Whitney, Philo Oneida Co. Vernon abt 1829 New York 16
Whitney, Philo L. Chemung Co. Horseheads abt 1834 New York 22/948
Whitny, Phineas Essex Co. Essex abt 1810 Vermont 73/377
Whitney, Phineas G. Herkimer Co. German Flatts abt 1819 New York 59/869
Whitney, Phoebe T. Queens Co. Oyster Bay abt 1852 New York 131
Whitney, Pierce Onondaga Co. Onondaga abt 1852 New York 5/509
Whitney, Plinny Chautauqua Co. Stockton abt 1847 Connecticut 301/297
Whitney, Polly Broome Co. Conklin abt 1787 New York 14/914
Whitney, Polly Broome Co. Sandford abt 1804 New York 163/837
Whitney, Polly Broome Co. Triangle abt 1782 Connecticut 67/52
Whitney, Polly Chautauqua Co. Mina abt 1840 New York 2
Whitney, Polly Steuben Co. Hornby abt 1847 New York 20
Whitney, Porter E. Chenango Co. Sherburne abt 1824 [New York] 67/79
Whitney, Prentice Chautauqua Co. Westfield abt 1795 Massachusetts 105/103
Whitney, Prentice Saint Lawrence Co. Canton abt 1844 New York 155/291
Whitney, Prudence Onondaga Co. Marcellus abt 1837 New York 63/699
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