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Weis, Frederick Lewis, Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700, With Additions and Corrections by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., Assisted by David Faris, Seventh Edition (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1999).

Note: Sir Theobald de Verdun, Knt., was an ancestor of the Whitneys of Whitney, Herefordshire.

Page 72, Line 70

28. MAUD MARSHAL (69-28); m. 1207/1212 Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk.

29. ISABEL BIGOD, m. (1) GILBERT DE LACY (177A-8), of Ewyas Lacy, co. Hereford, and of Trim and Weoberley, d. 1230, son of Walter de Lacy, Lord of Meath, and Margaret, dau. WILLIAM DE BRAIOSE (177-6) & Maud de St. Valery. (CP V 437, IX 589-590, XII (2) 169, note d; Banks I 221).

30. MARGARET DE LACY, d. 1256, Lady of Dulek; m. as (1) wife 14 May 1244, John de Verdun, d. 1274, son of Theobald le Boteler and Rohese de Verdun. (Note: Maud, d. 27 Nov. 1283, dau. of Theobald le Boteler and Rohese de Verdun, m. John Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel (149-28), q.v.). (CP I 239-240, XII (2) 246; Banks I 221, 445).

31. THEOBALD DE VERDUN, b. ca. 1248, d. Alton, co. Stafford, 24 Aug. 1309, M.P. 1289/90, 1st Lord Verdun, Constable of Ireland, Lord of Dulek; m. by 6 Nov. 1276, Margery (or Eleanor), h. of 1/4 hundred of Bisley, co. Gloucester. (CP XII (2) 249-250; Banks I 221, 445).

32. SIR THEOBALD DE VERDUN, KNT., of Alton, co. Staffrod, b. 8 Sept. 1278, Lord of Weoberley, 2nd Lord Verdun, Justifciar of Ireland, Knt. 1298, M.P. 1299-1314, d. Alton 27 July 1316; m. (1) Wigmore, 29 July 1302, Maud de Mortimer, d. 1312, dau. of SIR EDMUND DE MORTIMER (27-30) and MARGARET DE FIENNES (120-32). (CP II 426, XII (2), cit.;Bankings I 445). He m. (2) ELIZABETH DE CLARE (11-30).

Page 153, Line 177A (Prepared by Douglas Richardson)

7. MARGERY (or MARGARET) DE BRAIOSE, d. 19 Nov. 1200; m. Walter de Lacy, b. ca. 1172, d. 1241, lord of Meath, Ireland, and of Weobley, co. Hereford, son of Hugh de Lacy, d. 1186, by his wife Rohese de Monmouth, dau. of Badeion de Monmouth, 1170/76, of Monmouth, co. Monmouth, by his wife, Rohese, dau. of GILBERT FITZ RICHARD (184-3), d. 1114/7, of Clare, Suffolk & Cardigan, Wales, by his wife, ADELIZA DE CLERMONT (246-24). (Orpen, Ireland under the Normans, III, chart pp. 286-287; CP XII (2) 169, footnote d; Sanders, pp. 64-65).

8. GILBERT DE LACY, of Ewyas Harold, co. Hereford, and of Trim and Weobley, d. 1230; m. ISABEL BIGOD (70-29, 71-29), dau. of Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, by his wife, Maud Marshal. (CP V 437, IX 589-590; Orpen, op. cit., III, chart pp. 286-287).

Page 208, Line 246

22. ADELE (ALIX) DE ROUCY (151-22); m. 1031, Hildouin de Rameru, d. ca. 1062, Count of Montdidier and Roucy.

23. MARGARET (or MARGUERITE) DE ROUCY, m. ca. 1080, Hugh de Creil, d. 1101, Count of Clermont in Beauvaisis. (CP X 348).

24. ADELAIDE DE CLERMONT, m. GILBERT FITZ RICHARD, (184-3), d. 1070, Lord of CLare and Lord Tunbridge. (CP III 242-3, X 348; Sanders, 34-45).

Page 133, Line 151

21. EBLES I, d. 11 May 1033, Count of Rheims and Roucy, Archibishop of Rheims; m. BEATRIX OF HAINAUT (106-22). (Saillot, cit.) 22. ALIX DE ROUCY, d. 1062; m. Hildouin III, d. ca. 1063, Count of Montdidier & Roucy, Seigneur of Rameru. (See Genealogist 10:85, for Montdidier).

Page 100, Line 106

20. HUGH CAPET (101-21), d. 24 Oct. 996, King of France; m. ADELAIDE OF POITOU (144A-20). (NEHGR 109:179-182; Moriarty, The Plantagenet Ancestry.)

21. HEDWIG, m. REGNIER IV, d. 1013, Count of Hainaut, son of REGNIER III (155-19), Count of Hainaut, b. ca 928, d. 973. They were parents of Regnier V and of Beatrix. (Moriarty, cit.)

22. BEATRIX DE HAINAULT, m. EBLES I (151-21), Count of Rheims and Roucy, Archbishop of Rheims. (Boston Evening Transcript, Feb. 1928, Note 2257, Part XV Brabant; Moriarty, cit.)

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq.

Copyright © 2007, Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq., and the Whitney Research Group

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