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From Denis L. Adams.

"Thought I would share this, it was found at the DAR Library, Washington DC. The parentheses with the smaller font was added by myself."

1939 -1939
(volume 42)

[p. 363]

Property of Miss Eliza B. Whitney, 552 - 7th Street, Niagara Falls, N. Y.

Page 1    -   Marriages
Ami Whitney and Anna Amsden were married in Ontario County, N. Y. in year 1801
  (Ami6, Capt. Jonathan5, Jonathan4, Jonathan3, Benjamin2, John1)

The oldest son Theodore Whitney and Experience C. Warner were married in Ontario County, N. Y. in
the year 1823 Afterward he married Nabby E. Smith in Aug. 1840.
  (Theodore7, Ami6.)

Jasper Whitney and Elizabeth Demshroder were married
  (Jasper7, Ami6.)

Isaac Amsden Whitney and Jane Moore were married
  (Isaac7, Ami6.)

Ami Whitney, Jr. and Ann Shearman were married in Catlin, N. Y., Chemug Co., Sept. 23, 1843. He
aftwards married Rebecca Cassandra Rippey in 1864, Dec. 27
  (Ami7, Ami6.)

Jonathan Whitney and Ann Jane Garrett were married at Niagra Falls on Thursday afternoon Oct. 8,
1839. He aftwards married Ruth Hooper in Oct. 1880
  (Jonathan7, Ami6.)

Elizabeth Whitney and John Lewis were married in Ontario County, N. Y.
  (Elizabeth7, Ami6.)

Esther Gates Whitney and Franklin Hooper were married in Ontario County, N. Y.
  (Esther7, Ami6.)

Anna Whitney and James Wilson were married in Ontario County, N. Y.
  (Anna7, Ami6.)

Page 2.     Births
Ami Whitney was born at Conway, Mass. Jan. 18, 1781
  (Ami6, Capt. Jonathan5.)

Anna Amsden Whitney, his wife, born at Conway, Mass. Dec. 7, 1785.

Theodore Whitney, born Jan. 3, 1802.
  (Theodore7, Ami6.)

Jasper          "              "    Nov. 8, 1803
  (Jasper7, Ami6.)

William Gates Whitney, born May 17, 1807
  (William Gates7, Ami6.)

[p. 364]

A daughter b. Aug. 29, 1809 lived one day
  (A daughter7, Ami6.)

Isaac Amsden Whitney, b. Sept. 17, 1805
  (Isaac Amsden7, Ami6.)

Charles Whitney, b. Sept. 11, 1810
  (Charles7, Ami6.)

Page 3

Ezera Whitney, b. Oct. 6, 1812
  (Ezera7, Ami6.)

Ami Whitney Junio  b. June 22, 1814
  (Ami7, Ami6.)

Johnathan Whitney, b Nov. 3, 1816
  (Jonathan7, Ami6.)

Two daughters, b. Febr. 5, 1819, died the same day.
  (Two daughters7, Ami6.)

Esther Ann Whitney, b. May 28, 1820
  (Esther Ann7, Ami6.)

Elizabeth Ann Whitney, b. Jan. 5, 1822
  (Elizabeth Ann7, Ami6.)

Esther Gates Whitney, b. Dec. 5, 1823
  (Esther Gates7, Ami6.)

Anna Whitney, b. Mar. 10, 1826
  (Anna7, Ami6.)

Theodore Whitney, 3rd Jan. 1802, d. Nov. 31, 1850
  (Theodore7, Ami6.)

Experience C. Whitney, b. June 2, 1805, d. Jan. 15, 1840
  (Experience C. [Warner])

John Whitney, b. Apr. 24, 1824
  (John8, Theodore7, Ami6.)

Electa Ann Whitney, b. Aug. 5, 1826, d. 25 of Jan. 1843
  (Electa Ann8, Theodore7, Ami6.)

Elizabeth Whitney, b. July 19, 1828, d. Sept. 21, 1853
  (Elizabeth8, Theodore7, Ami6)

Theodore, b. 23 Jan. 1830, d. Oct. 19, 1839
  (Theodore8, Theodore7, Ami6)

Chas. F. Whitney, b. 22 of Nov. 1831
  (Charles Field8, Theodore7, Ami6.)

Ellen Experience Whitney, (the following was crossed out, "was b. Mar. 2, 1835" and "no date"  inserted)</font>
  (Ellen Experience8, Theodore7, Ami6.)

Elbert Whitney b. Mar. 2, 1835 - d. Sept. 23, 1885
  (Ellen8, Theodore7, Ami6.)

Ann Whitney, b. May 24, 1837
  (unknown birth date matches Ami8, Theodore7.; double checked the copy at DAR for spelling and date)

Page 4.         Deaths

An Infant Daughter, Aug. 29, 1809
  (An infant daughter7, Ami6.)

Ezera Whitney, d. July 30, 1816
  (Ezera 7, Ami6.)

Two infant daughters, Febr. 5, 1819
  (Two infant daughters7, Ami6.)

[p. 365]

Esther Ann Whitney, Sept. 29, 1821
  (Esther Ann7, Ami6.)

Charles Whitney, Oct. 11, 1825
  (Charles7, Ami6.)

Theodore Whitney, d. on Sat. Nov. 30, 1850 at Niagara Falls
  (Theodore7, Ami6.)

Isaac Amsden Whitney, who lived near Litchfield, Michigan. d. Oct. 1876
  (Isaac Amsden7, Ami6.)

Jonathan Whitney, d. at his home in Allen, Hillsdale Co., Mich. on Tues. July 12, 1892.
  (Jonathan7, Ami6.)

Ami Whitney, d. at his home in Flint, Ontario Co., N. Y. March 12, 1901, aged 87 nearly.
  (Ami7, Ami6.)

J. Sherman Whitney, son of Ami Whitney, d. Sun. June 16, 1929, aged 81 at his home in Hall, N.  Y.
  (J. Shearman8, Ami7, Ami6.)

Uncle Ami's wife Aunt Cass-  Rebecca C. Whitney, d. July 2, 1895
  (Rebecca Cassandra Rippey 2nd wife of Ami7, Ami6.)

William Gates Whitney, d. at his home in Allen, Mich. May 23, 1901
  (William Gates7, Ami6.)

Mrs. Esther G. Whitney Hooper, d. at her home in Etna Mills, Calif. Apr. 16, 1906, aged 82 yrs. 4  mos.
11 days.
  (Esther Gates7, Ami6.)

Ami Whitney, the father of the children above mentioned Died Dec. 14. 1867
  (Ami6, Capt. Jonathan5, Jonathan4, Jonathan3, Benjamin2, John1.)

Anna Amsden, his wife, died Apr. 30, 1858
Both lived until death from their marriage in 1801 on the farm at Flint Creek, N. Y. and were laid  in the
Sand Hill Cemetery.

Mrs. Anna H. Whitney Wilson, died May 3rd. 1916, at her son's home in Geneva, N. Y. aged 90  years
and nearly two months.
  (Anna7, Ami6.)

James W. Wilson, son of General Wm. and Minnie Wilson, grandson of Mrs. Anna H. Whitney  Wilson, d.
Jan. 16, 1928 on shipboard on way to China, two days from Kobe, Japan. Buried in Kobe. Japan.

Gen'l. Wm. Wilson, d. at Nobleton, Florida, Jan. 7, 1937, his wife Minnie Whipple Wilson, died a  few
years before.

Copied by Mrs. Chas. E. Wooddell, Niagara Falls Chapter, Niagara Falls, N. Y. (1938)</font>

Copyright © 2000, 2006, The Whitney Research Group

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