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Location of Manors

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CP 40/872 - Chief Justices' Rolls, Court of Common Pleas, Easter Term, 20 Edward IV (1480)

Membrane 449d

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Brief Summary provided by Michael A. Faraday:

Herefordshire: The sheriff is ordered to find four discreet and legal knights of the county to come to the court of Wormelow of Queen Elizabeth,1 Richard, bishop of Salisbury,2 & William, bishop of Durham,3 to hear the dispute between Robert Whitney & Matilda Haklet, widow, versus Richard Croft, knight, concerning the manors of Kyngescaple, Bayscham & Brokhampton.

Robert & Matilda came by Richard Buk, their attorney; Richard did not come; Robert and Matilda claimed to hold the manors in three messuages, 200 acres of land, 12 acres of meadow, 16 acres of wood for 26s. 8d. Paid in the court of the lord King in the time of King Edward III then king, by fine between John Oldecastell & Matilda his wife, querients, and John de la Bere, knight, and others, deforciants.

Sheriff ordered to bring the four knights to hear the case on 6 February 19 Edward IV.

Notes by Faraday:

1 Elizabeth Woodville. 2 Richard Beauchamp previously bishop of Hereford. 3 William Dudley.



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