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CP 40/970 - Chief Justices' Rolls, Court of Common Pleas, Michaelmas Term, 20 Henry VII (1504)

Membrane 250

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[additional entries not transcribed]

Heref(ord) s(cilicet) Elizabeth Whitteney vidua p(er) attorn(atus) suu(m) op(tulit) se iiijto die v(er)sus Simonem Milborn armigum Joh(an)em Braynton Gentilman Simonem Hearyng & Jacobum Scudmore de pl(ac)ito q(uo)d ip(s)i simul cu(m) Rob(er)to Whitteney fil(alm)o & hered(um) Jacobi Whitteney Thoma Morton cl(er)ico & Thoma ap Roberto Capellano p(er)mittant ipam() p(re)sentare idoneam p(ar)sonam ad eccli(si)am de pencombe que vacat & ad suam spectat donac(i)o(n)em &c Et ip(s)i non ven(erunt) Et p(re)cept(um) fuit vic(ecomiti) q(uo)d sum() eos &c Et Vic(ecomes) modo mand(at) q(uo)d sum(monitus) &c Judi(ci)em attach(ietur) q(uo)d sint hic a die S(anc)ti hillary in xv dies &c

Herefordshire as follows: Elizabeth Whitteney, widow, by her attorney, appeared for the 4th day against Simon Milborn, Esq., John Braynton, Gent., Simon Hearynge & James Scudmore in a plea that together with Robert Whitteney, son and heir of James Whitteney, Thomas Morton, clerk & Thomas ap Robert, chaplain, they present a suitable parson to the church of Pencombe which is vacant and is in their gift. And they did not attend and it was ordered to the sheriff to summon them and the sheriff now ordered that they be summoned etc; The judge attached them that they be here on St.Hillary's Day in fifteen days etc.

Note: For the next entry for this case, see CP 40/971, membrane 6 dorse.

[additional entries not transcribed]

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