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James ap Whytney of London, esquire, v. John TANNER, John WEBBE and John HARDING of Redwick.: Seizure of cattle from leasehold land in the lordship of Bishton.: [MONMOUTH.], 1538-1544




James ap Whytney of London, esquire.


Bishton, Monmouthshire

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C 1/1094/73

not yet transcribed

C 1/1094/74

Th'answer of John Webb to the byll of complaynt of James Whytney

The sayd defendant for annswer sayth that he abowt chrystymasse last past bought off on henry deyman fferm(er) of the sayd complaynant off his landes and ten(emen)tes specyfyid yn the sayd byll off complaynt two oxen of the goods and catalls off the sayd deyman for the some off xxxiijo which the sayd defendant well and truly payd unto the sayd deyman and the___ the sayd defendnt had off the delyv(er)e of the sayd deyman the sayd two oxen which he toke and conveyd away and the___ kepeth as lafull ys for hym to do wythowt that that the sayd defendant ys gylty of the takyng off any of the off the sayd complaynant specyfyed yn the sad byll off complaynt yn manor and forme as yn the sayd byll ys surmysed or that the bests or catalls which the sayd defendant toke were of any soch value as ys surmysyd yn the sayd byll or to be any moo? or other bests then yn this annswere ys exp(re)ssed or that the sayd defendant to be any bests or catall wythput good cause or consyderac(i)on or any thyng hath done agaynst ryght or [con]syens and wythout that that any other thyng effectell or materyell yn the sayd byll alleaged and not here suffycyently confessyd and avoydyd denyed nor t____syd ys true all whych matters he ys redy to an(swe)re as ____________________yll award and prayth to be dysmyssyd wyth his costs and charges by hym sustenyd yn this behalf

C 1/1094/75

The replicac(i)on off Jamys ap Wyttneye to the ansure off John Webbe

not yet transcribed

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