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James HERRY of Roff v. Robert WHITNEY, esquire.: Price of cattle.: GLAMORGAN, HEREFORD, 1551-1553




Robert Whitney, Esq.


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To the Right reverent Father in god Thom(a)s Bushopp of Elye and Lord Chauncelo(u)r of England

In his most humble wyse compleynynge sheweth unto yo(u)r honorable lordshypp yo(u)r contynuall and dayly prator James Herry of Roff in the countie of Glamorgan in Southwales that where yo(u)r Orato(u)r aboute the Feaste of All Saynts last past was two yeares barganyd and solde unto one Robert WEhitney of the Counte of Hereff(ord) Esquire __ynt cattells as kyne & oxen ffor the some of tenn poundes of good and lawfull money of England to be payd by the sayd Robert Whitney unto yo(u)r sayd orato(u)r at the feast of Saynt Mychell th'archanngell last past was xij moneths and the sayd Rob(er)t Whitney for the more of _____ and true payment therof at the tyme before lymyted bounde hymself by his byll oblygac(i)on unto yo(u)r sayd orato(u)r So yt ys Ryght honorable lorde that yo(u)r orato(u)r now of late by mysforton and evyll channce ________ the sayd byll oblygatory yet nev(er)theless yo(u)r sayd orato(u)r hath dyv(er)se and sundry tymes dyssyryd and requyryde of the said Robert Whitney to content and paye the sayd some of tenn poundes accordynge to his owne promes and appoyntment but that to do he hath utterly refusyd and denyed and yeat doth refuse and denye contrary to all right equitie and good conscyens wherfore and forasmuche as yo(u)r sayd orato(u)r have no specyalties or wrytings to prove and testifye the sayd contracte and dutie ys by the due order and courte of the co(mm)on lawes of this Realme wythout remedye for the recov(er)y therof to his great hynderaunce And forasmuch also as yo(u)r sayd orato(u)r ys habytant and dwellynge in the Countie of Glamorgan and the sayd defendant dwellynge in the countie of Heref(ord) aforesayd dystant from yo(u)r sayd [orator] one hundreth myles and beinge a gentylman of iij C marks lande by yere and so frended and alyed in the sayd countie of Heref(ord) and yo(u)r orato(u)r a mere Strannger in that p(ar)ties by reason wherof yo(u)r sayd orato(u)r is in greate hassarde to be voyde of remed for the p(ro)mysses oneles remedy be by yo(u)r good lordshypp in this behalf provydyd In tender consyderac(i)on wherof yt may please yo(u)r honorable lordshypp to graunt the kyngs most gracyous wryt of sub pena to be dyrectyd to the sayd Robert Whitney com(m)aundynge him therby and under a c(er)teyne payne therin by yo(u)r good lordshypp to be lymytyd then and ther t'annswere unto the p(ro)mysses and further to abyde suche order and dyrec(i)on therin as by yo(u)r good lordshipp shalbe thought to stande wyth Ryght equytye and conscyens And yo(u)r sayd orato(u)r shall dayly pray to god for the p(re)s(ir)uac(i)on of yo(u)r good lordshypp in honor and health longe to contynue

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