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C 1/29/304 - Walter Trevet v. Dan Robert Witteney, canon of St. Austin's, Bristol.: False action of debt at Bristol and Salisbury: (petition for writ of 'certiorari').: Bristol, [1460-1465]




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To the right rev(er)ent fader in god George Bisshopp
of Exeter Chancelor of England

Besecheth humbly your pour bedeman Walter Trevet of the counte of Som(er)s(et) that where on(e) Dan Rob(er)t Witteney Chanon of the house of Seint Austens of Bristowe by his [power?] of attorney by hym made to your seid Oratour gave hym autorite and power to resceyve of on(e) Symkyn Wolman xxx s of money dewe to the said Chanon by v(er)tue of Which [power?] of attourney your seid Oratour resceyved the said xxx s of the said Symkyn and it wele and trewly delyv(er)ed unto the said Chanon w(i)th the said [power?] of Attourney not resceyvyng of hym eny acquie______ therof Wherethough nowe is brought an accion of the said xxx s ayen(st) your pour Oratour in the abbot name of the said house in the towne of Bristowe and is sev(er)all pleynted of the same ____ hath ben takyn ayen(st) hym afore this tyme in the cite of Sa(lisbur)y contr(ar)ie to all conscience please it therfore your g(ra)cious lordshipp the p(re)misses considered to gr(au)nte to the _____ and Sherref of the same Towne of Bristowe to remove the matter afore your g(ra)cious lordshipp and your seid Oratour shall ev(er) pray to god for you


"Dan" in the name "Dan Robert Whitney" is almost certainly the honorific "Don" used to refer to clergy. It was not his forename.

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