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  • John Wynne purchased 1 acre of land in Welwyn, Hertfordshire from Thomas Wydney. John died and his son Thomas Wynne inherited the land. Thomas Wydney then supposedly sold the land to his son, Thomas Wydney (Jr.). John was requesting a subpoena against Thomas and Thomas (father & son)


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To the rev(er)ent fader in gode Bysshope of lincolne Chaunceller of england

Mekely shewyth to yo(u)r goodelordeshyp yo(u)r pore & humble Orato(u)r Thom(a)s Wynne sone & heire to John Wynne where as the seyd John his ffadyr boughte of on(e) Thom(a)s Wydney j acre of lond lyyng in the ffeld of Welyen in the sheire of hertf(ord) for a certyn somme of money __ _____________ acordyd paid in hand to the seid Thom(a)s wydney by the seid John ___ fadyr And aftyrward the seid John fadyr to yo(u)r sayd Orato(u)r __ aftyr whos decesse The seid Thom(a)s Wynne as sone & heire to the seyd John often tymes hath required the seid Thom(a)s Wydney to make a_tate to hym & his heirs of the seid lond The wyche Thom(a)s Widney that refusyd to do & yet doth Butt yo(u)r sayd Orato(u)r _____________ seyth that the same Thom(a)s Wydney a yenst all ryghth lawe & goode consciens aftyr the seid request by hym made to the seid Thom(a)s Wydney The same Thom(a)s Wydney of the seyd acre of lond amonge othyr made a sale & astate to on(e) Thom(a)s Wydney his sone _______ The same Thom(a)s Wydney the sone longtyme afore knowyng of the same sale made of the seid acre of lond to the same John Wynne fadyr to yo(u)r seid Orato(u)r the wych is to the utter hurt & undoyng of yo(u)r said Orato(u)r w(i)t(h)out the _____ & helpe of yo(u)r gracious lordship to be hym in this behalfe shewyd Wherefore yo(u)r seyd orato(u)r besechyth yo(u)r goode & g(ra)cious lordshyp the _______ ________ ________ to g(ra)unte sev(er)all wryttes of sub pena to be dyrecte to the sae Thom(a)s Wydney the fadyr & Thom(a)s Widney the sone __________ theym be the same to apere a fore our sov(er)aign lorde the kyng in his Ch(a)unc(er)y t a certeyn daye & under a certeyn pein ____ ____ seid wryttes by yo(u)r seyd lordship to be lymytted for the love of gode & in in way of charyte and yo(u)r said orato(u)r shall prey to gode dayly for the p(re)s(ir)vac(i)on of yo(u)r goode & p(ro)sp(er)us astate.

This document was obtained from The British National Archives by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq. and transcribed by Tim Doyle

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