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"William, son and heir of William Wykes. v. Robert Whitney: Detention of deeds relating to `Bytterleys Hyde' in Pencombe," 1518-1529, Hereford, C 1/593/18, Chancery pleadings addressed to Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York, Cardinal and Papal Legate as Lord Chancellor, Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Early Proceedings, Richard II to Philip and Mary, The National Archives, London.




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To the most Ben(evol)end Father in god the Lord Thom(a)s Legat de late Cardynall archebusshop of york Chauncello(r) of England

In his most humble wise showith to yo(ur) noble grace yo(ur) daily orato(ur) William Wykes son & heyre of Will(ia)m Wykes deceased that where the said willi(a)m wykes the Father in his lyf was seased in his demeane as of Fee of & in cc acres of pasture called Bytterleys hyde w(i)t(h) th'app(er)ten(a)nc(es) in pencombe in the countie of heref(ord). And he so beyng therof seased of the same estate dyed therof seased aft(er) whiche deth all the p(re)misses distended and of right in use lawe & consience ought to descende to yo(ur) said orato(ur) as sonne & heyre of the said Will(ia)m his Father and so hit is grac(i)o(u)s lord that dyv(ers)e evidences escript(es) & munyment(es) conc(er)nynge the p(re)misses ben comen~ to the hand(es) & possession of one Robert Whitney and For lack of whiche evidenc(es) escript(es) & munymentes yo(ur) said orato(ur) is nowe putt to condy? vexac(i)ons & trouble by reason of certen p(re)tensed & feyned claymes made to the p(re)misses and nev(er)theles thoughe yo(ur) said orato(ur) often tymes have required the said Robert Whitney to delyv(er) hym the said evidenc(es) escript(es) & munyment(es) yett the same Robert that to doo alwey hitherto hath refused & yet refuseth agenst all right & good conscence & to the hynderance of yo(ur) said orato(ur) and yo(ur) said Orato(ur) in this case is w(i)t(h)outh remedy by course of the comyn lawe ffe that that he knowyth the certayntie of the said evidence nowherin they byn enclosed other in bagge box or chest in tendre considerac(i)on wherof may hit please yo(ur) said grace to give the kyng(es) honorable writt sub pena to the said Robert Whitney to so direct Straytly comanndyng hym by thesame to appere beffore yo(ur) said grace in the kyng(es) Chancery at Westm(inster) at a certen day in the same to be lymitted then & there to aunswer to auswere to the p(re)misses and forther to be ordered therin as yo(ur) said grace & the kyng(es) Court of Chancery shall seme consenent w(i)t(h) right & good consc(i)ence and this at the reiv(er)ence of god & in way of charitie.

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