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This document is a Chancery pleading by Robert Whitney addressed to Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York, Cardinal and Papal Legate as Lord Chancellor, dated about 1527 to 1529.



Robert Whitney was the son and heir of James and Blanche (Milbourne) Whitney, and his mother Blanche was the daughter of Simon and Jane (Baskerville) Milbourne. One of Blanche's sisters was Sybil Milbourne who had married, first, Richard Hackluyt, and second, John Breynton. Thus, the Sybil Braynton that Robert Whitney was requesting a subpoena be issued for was actually his maternal Aunt. John Breynton was a lawyer who had died in 1527. It is believed that Robert Whitney had hired his uncle (in law) John Breynton as his lawyer, and when he died, his widow wouldn't return (or couldn't be bothered with returning) the documents that her late husband had had in his possession.

Note that the Robert Wye listed at the bottom of the document was probably referring to Robert Wye, the father of Robert Whitney's wife Margaret Wye. This Robert Wye may have been Robert Whitney's new lawyer.

                           Simon  = Jane
                        Milbourne   Baskerville
                          |             |
Robert      James    = Blanche       Sybil     = John
Wye         Whitney    Milbourne     Milbourne   Breynton
 |           |
Margaret = Robert
Wye        Whitney


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C 1-593-60.jpg

To the most Rev(er)ent Father in god Thom(a)s Lorde Cardinall legate delatere Archebisshippe off Yorke & Chaunceler of England

In his humble wisse showeth unto yo(u)r Grace yo(u)r orat(o)r Robert Whitney that wher he is seasid of the man(or) of Whitney with the app(u)rtynans And the mann(er) of pencombe with the app(u)rtynans in the cownty of Hereford and in the man(o)r of Bowrede And the man(o)r of Clifton in the cownty of Warwicke [in] his demene as of ffee And so that is most gratis lord that on(e) Sibill Braynton witholdeth & kepeth all the ______nces cons(ir)nyng the p(re)myssis the wich yo(u)r orat(o)r hath meny & oftyn Tymys Rey_ride to have delyv(er)ans of wher unto the seid Sibill will in no man(ner) of wisse assent butt utt(er)ly refusithe cont(ra)ry to all good right & conciens And for as moche as yo(u)r seid orat(o)r knoweth nott the serten nu(m)b(er) of them nor wherin thei be conteynyd he is with owt remedy att the comyn law in considac(i)on wherof that hitt shall please yo(u)r lordshippe to Directe a subpena to the seid Sibill Braynton & to com(m)aund her by the same to appere affore yow in the chauncery att a s(ir)ten day to answer to the p(ro)myssis and yo(u)r seid orat(o)r shall prey to god ffor the good contynnans of yo(u)r good grace

Robert Wye
pleg de p(ro)_ Joh(ann)es Doo? de London yeoman & Ric(ard)us Doo? de eod(em) yeoman
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