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Sir Walter Devereaux, b. 1477, d. 1558, Chartley, England whose son William had married Jane, daughter of John Scudamore.


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Cosyn Skydmore in my right _ertie wise I com(m)ende me unto yo(u) / And shall right int()ly desyre yo(u) to be good and loving unto my s(ir)u(a)nt Thom(a)s A Whytney / who lyeth bedred sore woonded and hurt by untrustye p(er)sons and evyll disposed p(er)sons / as Bart vaughan and oth(e)r his assosyatt(es) notoryous mortherous and theiff(es) accompayned with hym intending to have morthered my said s(ir)u(a)nt / And whether he shall yet lyve or dye it is not s(ir)tayn / But that is at the will of god / my especyall trust ys that yo(u) will And so cawse yo(u)r Frend(es) when it shall come to the inquyery for the kyng(es) maiestye my most drad sov(er)aigne lorde and maister / of the ryott / unlafull assumbler / and mysdemaynors of the offendors to be good unto my said s(ir)u(a)nt / So as they maye be indyted accordyng to theyr def(endan)tes / And that yo(u) wold the rather tende the p(ro)myss for my sake / As yo(u) maye be assured to have me do to yo(u) and yo(u)rs the pleas and good terme that always shall lyv in me wherof yo(u) shalbe well assured / Almighty God so wyllyng in whom I byd yo(u) as right hertey? B_rn__than the Fyft daye of this November

By yo(u)r Lovyng kynsman and Frynde assured

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