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On 28 Nov 1626, John Scudamore, Esq., authorized James Whitney (and Edmond Leigh?) of Oxford University to deduct amounts from money paid to him quarterly by (his father?) Sir John Scudamore, Baronett, and to use these funds to pay back Robert Davenant and John Nurse for debts he owed them.


28 Nov 1626


Oxford University


  • John Scudamore, Esq.
  • James Whitney of Oxford University. He was Bachelor of Divinity, later of Donhead, Wiltshire.
  • Edmond Leigh, Bachelor of Divinity (presumably at Oxford University)
  • Robert Davenant
  • John Nurse, mercer
  • Sir John Scudamore, Baronet


Bee ytt knowen unto all men by these p(re)sents that whereas James Whittney of the univ(er)sitie of Oxon(iensis) M(aste)r of auth() & one Edmond Leigh Bachelor of devinity at the instance & request of me John Scudamour esq(uie)r and for my debt doe stand bound ioyntly & sev(er)ally by one obligac(i)on of thirty pounds of the date hereof unto Robert Davenant M(aste)r of auth() w(i)th condic(i)on for paym(en)t of fifteene pounds and seaventeene shillings as in the condic(i)on of the same obligac(i)on plainly appeareth and doe also stand bound for me in the some of twentie pounds by one other obligac(i)on of the date hereof unto John Nurse mercer w(i)th condic(i)on for paym(en)t of ten pounds as therein it may appeare. Now knowe thee That I the said John Scudamore doe by these p(re)sents graunte unto the said James Whitney full & lawfull power for him the said Mr Whitney out of everie fifteene pounds w(hi)ch is to be paid quarterly unto me from Sir John Scudamore Baronett quarterly to have & deduct thereof iijli & xs untill the said somes of moneys of the two obligac(i)ons w(i)th the condic(i)ons thereof w(hi)ch doe both amount unto xxvli & xvijs be fully paid unto the said Mr Davenant and Mr Nurse In witnes whereof I the said John Scudamore esq(uire) have hereunto sett my hand & seale Dated the xxviijth day of November Anno d(omi)ni 1626

John Scudamore (signature)

Sealed & deliv(er)ed in the p(rese)nce of

John Stillinge (signature)

Robert Davenant (signature)

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