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Eustace Whitney of Clifford vs. Oliver Whitney, Gent., Anne Whitney, widow, and Edward Vaughan: Clifford, Hereford. A.D. 1617-1621


28 Jan 1616/7 (folio 1)





  • Clifford, Herefordshire, England
  • Pontvayne

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Folio 1

transcription in progress

... apud Westm(onasteriensis) xxviij die Januar(ii) ___ Anno ___ Angli(a) Franc(ie) & Hib(erni)a xiiij & Scot(ia) quinquagesimo

Folio 2

transcription in progress

Complayninge shewen to your good lo(rdshi)pp your dailie Or(ator) Eustace Whitney of Pontvayne in the Countie of Heref(ord) Gent(leman) That whereas James Whitney yo(u)r Or(ator)s father late of Clifford in the s(ai)d Countie Esquier deceased was in his lief tyme about ___ yeres nowe last paste lawfully seised in his demesne ____ of fee ____ to him and to the heires of his body of and in one capitall messuage w(i)th the appurten(a)nces in Clifford afores(ai)d and of and in devers lands tenem(en)ts & hereditam(en)ts w(i)th the appurten(a)nces thereunto belonginge of the _____ yerely valewe of 200li p(er) ann(um) & of & in divers other lands and tenem(en)ts in Clifford afores(ai)d and yo(u)r Or(ators) s(ai)d father soe beinge thereof seised aboute one yere last paste died thereof of the estate afores(ai)d soe seised by and after whose decease the p(re)misses afores(ai)d w(i)th

Folio 3

transcription in progress

The ioint and severall answeres of Edward Vaughan _____ Olyver Whitney gent(leman) and Anne Whitney widdowe def(endan)ts to the Bill of complaint of Ewstance Whitney gent(leman) compl(ainant)

All advantages of excepc(i)on to the uncertaintie and insufficiency of the said bill of complaint beinge nowe and at all times hereafter unto these def(endan)ts and to every of them saved and _____________________________ unto soo much thereof as any way materially or effectually toucheth or concerneth these def(endan)ts or any or either of them they sayen and ev(er)y of them saith And first the said Edward Vaughan ... anie time had any deades evidences or writinges concerninge the lands tenem(en)ts and hereditam(en)ts or any of them or any parte thereof in the Bill menc(i)oned w(hi)ch ... beringe date the twentith day of November in the eighteenth yere of the raigne of oure late Soveraigne Lady Elizabeth late Queene of England ... Vaughan gent(leman) the pl(aintif)s granndfather on his mothers side and James Whitney esquier the pl(aintif)s father and the def(endan)t Anne concerning ... the same November w(hi)ch deads of feoffm(en)t was made by the said Ewstance Whitney unto certaine feoffees in p(er)formance o the said deade of ... to be safelie keapt for the benefitt of the said Anne beinge as this def(endant)s _______ the Jointure of the said Anne and to her belonginge w(hi)ch deades this ... against the said Anne. And this defend(an)t further saith that he doth disclayme to have any right title or int(er)est in the said landes tenem(en)ts and ...

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