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William Doughtie and Jean his wife v. John Cratford and others: Manor of Bradwas, Worcester, A.D. 1558-1579




                      ?                              ?
  ______             John                           Humphrey
  Whitney            Cratford                       Cratford
  |________          |_________                      |
  |        |         |         |                     |
 Anthony  Richard = Elizabeth Joan/Jean = William   John
 Whitney  Whitney   Cratford  Cratford    Doughtie  Cratford


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To the Right Honorable S(i)r Nicholas Bacon knight Lord Keper of the great Seale of England

In moste humble complaynynge shewethe unto yo(u)r honorable Lordshippe Will(ia)m Doughtie and Johan his wief That wheras John Pedder Bachelor of Divinitie Deane of the Cathedrall churche of Christ and of blessed Marie the virgin of Worcester and the Chapter of the same _____ was Lawfullie seysed in their demesne as of fee as in the right of ther sayd churche of and in the Scyte of Mano(u)r of Bradwas and of and in divers mesuages Landes tenements and hereditam(en)ts in Bradwas in the said Countye of Wocester And the sayd deane and chapter so beinge thereof seised about the fourthe yere of the raigne of our sov(er)aigne Ladie the Quenes ma(jes)tie that now is did devise and lease the same by deade indented sealed w(i)th their Chapter seale to one John Cratford and one of the daughters of the said John Elizabeh now wief of Richard Whitney one of the daughters of the said John Cratford and to the said Johan one of yo(u)r said Orators one other of the daughters of the said John for the terme of their naturall lyves or the yerelie rent of eight powndes fowretene shillinges and fower pence and also for the third and tenthe Sheif of all corne and grayne comynge and growinge in and upon the arable Lande of the premysses By force wherof the said John Cratford Elizabeth and the said Johan one of [the] said Orators were thereof lawfullie seised in their demesne as of free hold And where also the said Deane & Chapter by their Deade indented beringe [date?] the saxte yeare of the Raigne of our said Sov(er)aigne Ladie the Quene sealed w(i)th theire Chapter Seale did demise and grannt and unto the said _____ _______ Elizabeth the wief of the said Richard Whitney and unto the said Johan one of yo(u)r said Orators all that their third ad tenthe Sheif ______ of Corne and grayne for and duringe the naturall Liefes of the said John Elizabeth and the said Johan one of yo(u)r said Orators and of the longer Lyver of them for the yerelie rent [of] one and fyftye shillinges tenn pence In whiche sev(er)all deedes indented divers and sundrie coven(a)nts graunts _____ and agrements to be p(er)formed upon the parte and behalfe of the said John Cratford Elizabeth and the said Johan one of yo(u)r said Orators are cont________ together w(i)th certayn Condic(i)ons _____ the not performaunce wherof the said Deane and Chapter _______________ are to have the forfeture of the said sev[erall] Leases if the said Coven(a)nts grannts articles agrements and conditions comprised in the same should not be observed performed fulfilled and _____________ After the makinge of the which said sev(er)all Leases the said John Cratford died By ad after whose deathe the title right and interest to ________________ said premysses together w(i)th the said sev(er)all Deeds indented did and doe belonge and appertaine un to the said Elizabeth & unto the said John ______________________ yo(u)r Lordshippes said Orators But so it is if it maie please yo(u)r honorable Lordshippe that the said deeds of devise or Leases made ________________________________ said Deane & chapter in the lief tyme of the said John Cratford came to the hands and possession of one John Cratford the sonne _______________________ Humphrey Cratford of Crowe in the said countye of Wocester Humfrey Cratford Richard Whitney and of the said Elizabeth _________________________________ of havinge the said deeds of demises & leases have utterlie expelled ad put out yo(u)r said Orators of and from he possession of the said Scyte and other the premysses and by reason that yo(u)r said Orators have not the said Deedes of devise made by the said Deane & Chapter in their hands to plead and showe forthe as occasion shall requier yo(u)r said Orators are w(i)thout all remedie by and at the Common Lawes of this Realme for the recov(er)ie of the right in the premisses In considerac(i)on wherof and also for that yo(u)r said Orators dothe not knowe the certei______________ nether the contents of the said Leases And also for that the said Richard Whitney & Elizabeth his wief as in the right of the said Elizabeth a ioynt right of and in the p(re)misses beinge ioyntlie seised w(i)th yo(u)r said Orator as in the right of the said Johann refuse to lett yo(u)r said Orators to see the said Leases or to have the same for the mainten(a)nce of suche Acions as yo(u)r said Orators are to pursue for the recoverye of their said right title and interest in the premisses mae it therfor please yo(u)r honorable Lordshippe to graunte the Quenes Ma(jes)ties wryte of Sub pena to be directed to the said John Cratford Humffrey Cratford Richard Whitney and Elizabeth his wief therby comanndinge them and everye of them at a certayne daie and under a certayne paine therin to be lymyted personallie to appere in the Highe courte of Channcery and and their to answere the promisses and to abyde suche further order & direction therin as shall stand w(i)th right equitie and good conscience And yo(u)r said Orator shall dailie praie for the preservac(i)on of yo(u)r Lordshippes estate Longe to endure

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