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C 33/173 - Entry Books of Decrees and Orders, Chancery Court, 1637? [& 1638?]

Page 395 recto

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[additional entries not transcribed]

Jeffery Broome v
Margaret Whitney vid(ua)

The pl(ainti)f is adiudged to paie to the def(endan)t xs coste for want of a Bill.

[additional entries not transcribed]

Page 719 verso

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[additional entries not transcribed]

Sexto Octobris [1637]

Eliz(abeth) Britton Pl(ainan)t
William Whitney
ut ex(or) def(endan)ts

Upon opening of the matter this day unto the right ho(noura)ble the Lord Keep(er) by Mr Goldsmith beinge of the defendants Councell it was informed that the Pl(ainan)t about foure yeares since ex(ecu)ted a bill in this Court ag(ains)t John Selby Duglas his wiefe and Henry Elton pretendinge Title to a house in Greenwich and then [she &]?? the pl(ainan)t compounded w(i)th the said Selby for five shillinges but after prosecuted him to a Com(mission) of Revellion and gott him comitted but upon A Certificate made by S(i)r Edward Saltes knight he was discharged and the said duglas the wiefe of Selby liveinge part from her husband and shee beinge owner of the lands answered and pleaded 70 yeares quiet possession under severall purchases but Selby settinge an Attachment for not answeringe the pl(ainan)t by colour of his contempte obteyned A sequestrac(i)on of the rents w(hi)ch have beene accordingelie paid to the sequestrators and if the pl(ainan)t hath gott them upon securitie and the said Douglas being? ____ the premisses are descended to the now def(endan)ts ag(en)t whome the ____ hath recived this _____ and the said sequestrac(i)on and the def(endan)t haveinge answered setts forth A good Title and therfore it was prayed that the said sequestrac(i)on may be dissolved his Lo(rdshi)pp doth therupon order that the said pl(ainan)t upon notice hereof shall showe cause ____ the def(endan)ts moc(i)on should not be graunted/

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