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C 33/178 - Entry Books of Decrees and Orders, Chancery Court, 1639 [& 1640]

Michaelmas Term, 1639

  • No Whitneys found

Hilary Term, 1640

  • No Whitneys found

Easter Term, 1640

  • No Whitneys found

Trinity Term, 1640

Folio 117 recto

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[additional entries not transcribed]

Joves xxi Nov [1639]

Eustacam Whitney et Jacobum
Whitney & Jacobum Booth

Upon informac[i]on this p[re]sent day made to the M[aste]r of the Rolles by the def[endan]t[s] humble petic[i]on that the pl[aintiff] upon bringinge _l into Co[u]rte by an order of the xxviijth of June last obtained an Iniunc[i]on for stay of the def[endan]t[s] proceedings at law upon the Bond in question beinge a Bond of 22l for paym[en]t of xili befower interest and Costs of sute It was herefore praied that the def[endan]t may hand the said xli out of Co[u]rte upon securitie to bee by him given before one &c to stand to what order the Co[u]rte shall make touchinge the same w[hi]ch is ordered accordinglie the def[endan]t ______ in such securitie as Mr __ Bennett one pr shall approve of

[Note: See also C 2/ChasI/W123/74 and C 21/W68/15]

[additional entries not transcribed]

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