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C 33/192 - Entry Books of Decrees and Orders, Chancery Court, 1648 [& 1649]

Michaelmas Term, 1648

  • Whitney v Duppa 52
  • Whitney v Griffith 66

Hilary Term, 1649

  • Whitney v Duppa 450
  • Whitney v Griffith 450

Easter Term, 1649

  • Whitney v Griffith 498
  • Whitney v Duppa 498
  • Whitney v Duppa 505v
  • Whitney v Duppa 522
  • Whitney v Griffith 522
  • Whitney v Duppa 533v & 534
  • Whitney v Griffith 645v
  • Whitney v Cordwell 658
  • Whitney v Duppa 1017v

Trinity Term, 1649

  • Whitney v Griffith 783v

Folio 852 recto

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[additional entries not transcribed]

Mer() 27o Junij

Joh(ann)es Whitney & ux(oris)
____ & Ric()us Griffith
& ux(oris) ____ Def()

Forasmuch as this co(u)rt was this p(resen)te day informed by Mr ___ being of the def(endan)ts co(uncil) that the pl(aintif) haveing ex[ib]ited his bill into this co(u)rt to be relieved ag(ains)t the def(endant) the def(endant) therupon toke out a com() to answ(e)r in the contry & gave the depp(osition) ________ _____ment notice thereof & of the place a________ed

Folio 852 verso

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for the execuc(i)on therof & accordingly the Counc(ello)rs mett & heard the def(endant)s answ(e)rs read & saw them sworne but dep(ar)ted & would not subscribe w(i)th the pl(aintif)s Counc(ello)rs & therupon the def(endan)ts Counc(ello)rs subscribed above & their answers were accordingly returned but the pl(aintifs) doe nonthelesse endeavor upon p(re)tence they had not due notice of the execuc(i)on of the com() to have the said answer suppressed & p(ro)ceed w(i)th contempte ag(ains)t the def(endan)ts yt was therfore prayed that the def(endan)ts answ(e)r may be accepted It is therupon ordered that the 6 Cl(e)rks not towards the cause doe consid(e)r hereof & certify whither the com() were duely executed or not wherupon such further ord(e)r shalbe taken as shalbe meete.

[additional entries not transcribed]

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