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C 33/37 - Entry Books of Decrees and Orders, Chancery Court, 1568 [& 1569]

Michaelmas Term, 1568

  • No Whitneys found

Hilary Term, 1569

  • No Whitneys found

Easter Term, 1569

  • No Whitneys found

Trinity Term, 1569

  • No Whitneys found

Unidentified Term

Page 1 recto

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Quinto Maij 1568 (5 May 1568)

[additional entries not transcribed]

Fraunc[es] Whytney pl[aintiff]
John Lytlegrome def[endant]

The def[endant] hathe this daye [made his] p[er]sonall apparance [upon a wrytt of] pryviledg.

[Note: Although a significant portion of this page is torn away, missing words were able to be read in the B volume.

[additional entries not transcribed]

Page 259 recto

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[mercurij decimo die novembris 1568 (Wednesday, November 10, 1568)]

[additional entries not transcribed]

Estaunce Whitney pl[aintiff]
Roger lewys and
others def[endan]t[es]

Forasmuche as this courte is enformed on the behalfe of the def[endan]t[es] that the pl[aintiff] hathe exhibited in this courte a bill of complainte againste them for & concerninge the same matter w[hi]ch of late he hathe putt in suyte before the q[ueenes] highnes counsaile in the marches of wales, and w[hi]ch hathe there ben herde and ordered / It is thereupon Ordered That yf this enformac[i]on be trewe, then the said matter so broughte hether by the pl[aintiff] is from hence clerly dysmyssed and remytted to thorder and determynac[i]on of the said counsayle /

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