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C 33/38 - Entry Books of Decrees and Orders, Chancery Court, 1568 [& 1569]

Michaelmas Term, 1568

Page 1 recto

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[additional entries not transcribed]

Frances Whytney pl
John Lytelgrome def

The def(endan)t hathe this daye made his p(er)sonall apparance upon a wrytt of pryvylege

[additional entries not transcribed]

Hilary Term, 1569

  • No Whitneys found

Easter Term, 1569

Page 256 recto

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[additional entries not transcribed]

Estaunce Whitney pl
Roger Lewis et al

Forasmuch as this co(ur)te is enformed on the ____ of the def(endan)ts that the pl(aintif) hath exhibited into this co(ur)te a Bill of complaint against them for & concerning the same matter which of late he hath put in Sute before the quenes highnes counsaill in the m(ar)ches of wales and w(hi)ch hath byn their hard and ordered It is thereupon ordered (that if this co(ur)te enformac(i)on be trew) then the said matter so brought hither by the pl(aintif) is from hence ______ dismissed and remitted to th'order and determinac(i)on of the said com(m)ission(er)s

[additional entries not transcribed]

Trinity Term, 1569

  • No Whitneys found
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