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C 33/91 - Entry Books of Decrees and Orders, Chancery Court, 1596 [& 1597]

Easter Term, 1596

  • No Whitneys found

Trinity Term, 1596

  • No Whitneys found

Michaelmas Term, 1596

  • No Whitneys found

Hilary Term, 1597

  • No Whitneys found

Easter Term, 1597

[additional entries not transcribed]

Geo[rge] Whytney and Tho[mas] Mill gen[erosus] pl[ainan]ts Eustace Whitney esq[uire] and Ric[hard] Bullock def[endan]ts

The matters in questyon betweene the sayd p[ar]tyes towchinge the mannor or Lordship of Iccombe in the County of Glo[ucester] claymed by the said George one of the pl[ainant]s by the devyse of Sir James Whitney knight deceassed for the Terme of the lyef of the same George and also towchinge a legacy of 200 li claymed by the said Mr Mill as bequeathed by the said Sir James Whitney to the wyef of the said Mr Mill havinge been heard this p[re]sent Daye and longe debated in the p[re]sence? of the Counsell learned on all p[ar]ts. The said Ewstace Whytney to whom the inherytaunce of the said Sir James Whitneys Landes to great value ys come ys advysed by this Court rather to conform him selfe to p[er]forme the trewe meanings of the said Sir James as towchinge the p[re]mysses Then that the same shoulde be Iudycially determyned by this Court or by anye tryall at the Common Lawe w[i]th such towch of the opynion of this Court and w[i]th such provysyons as shall have for this indyfference of that tryall yf the matter shall come to any such tryall at the Common Lawe And therefore Mr _____ Yelidton being of the pl[ainant]s Counsell and Mr _____ Willyams beinge of the def[endants] Counsell are requyred by this Court to treate w[i]th theyr Clyents for some good and frendlye end ______ the trewe meaninge of the said Sir James may be satisfyed And the inherytaunce of the said Eustace may be freed as much from questyon as may be But yf they can not soe due the same They they are to gyve speedye Answeere to this Court what theyre difference ys And by whose default they could not end yt whereupon this Court will resolve upon such course or end as shalbe thought most fytt to be had towchinge the p[re]mysses/

[additional entries not transcribed]

Trinity Term, 1697

  • Term not seen in index
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