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Richard Devereux v. John Whitney: bill Date of document: Sixteenth century, 1537 Jan 1 - 1547 Dec 31




  • Llanbister, Breconshire, Wales

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In [most humble wi]se sheweth unto your lordshipp your dayly Oratour Rychard dev(er)eux Esquyer son & hey[re a]pparant of _____________r lord god the xxixth yere of the Reigne of our sov(er)ayne lord kyng henry the viijth one John Whitney __________ge p(re)bed of lambyster in myleneth in the m(ar)ches of wales ________???? and adv(a)ntages what so ev(er) they were w(i)t(h) th'app(e)rten(a)nces unto the same ______f iij yeres then next ensuyng and fully to be complet / And so from the ____ yerely unto the sayd John Whitney and his assignes xlij li of good peter Thad_y_eld called lamas daye and for the same to be had and manner and forme called as such tyme as to the p(ro)per Oratour hath of the sayd and honestly people Intendyd to have Orato(u)r by Reson of the sayd the sayd Tythe Corne Tythe to whome as Remedy for the same by the course of the Comen lawe It maye the said John Whitney comaunding hym by v(ir)tue therof p(er)sonally tp appere Compell hym to p(er)forme hys sayd p(ro)myce ______ and _____ And also by cause the sayd Corne remaynyng in stacks in the A com(m)yssion to be dyrected to certen p(er)sons by yo(u)r lordshipp to be namyd Corne & tythes before rehersed and to have the custody an Keping therof hathe right therunto and for ther to sett suche an order and dyrecion most expedient and necessary in this behalf and yo(u)r sayd Orato(u)r shall dayly

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