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John & Elizabeth Gerrard v. Robert & Elizabeth Whitney, Testator: Thomas Tarperley - Westminster, 1655





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The ioynt & severall plea of Robert Whitney & Elizabeth his wife def(endan)ts to the Bill of complaynte of John Gerrard & Elizabeth his wife Compl(ainan)ts

The said def(endan)ts for plea therunto say & each of them for him & herself sayth That the said Compl(ainan)ts have a former Bill depending in this hon(ora)ble Court against these def(endan)ts w(hi)ch prayes releefe for all & every the matters & things in this their Bill of complaynte now charged ag(ains)t these def(endan)ts And unto w(hi)ch said former Bill these def(endan)ts have put in an yssuable plea and the Compl(ainan)ts are by severall orders of this Court directed to take yssue thereupon As by the same Bill & Plea & p(ro)ceedings thereupon had remayning on Record & Registered in this hon(ora)ble Court may appeare And the said former Bill & Plea and proceedinge thereupon are still depending in this Court & as yet undetermyned As by the said Records may alsoe appeare And therefore these def(endan)ts doe plead the dependancy of the former Suite in Barre unto the said Compl(ainan)ts bill of complaynte And humbly abide in the iudgm(en)t of this hon(ora)ble Court whether they shalbe compelled to make any further or other answeare thereunto It being double vexac(i)on to have twoe suits depending for one & the same matter & therefore these def(endan)ts pray to bee dismissed w(i)th their reasonable Costs & Charges in this behalfe wrongfully susteyned

Jo: Churchill

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