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Lyte, H. C. Maxwell, ed., Calendar of the Close Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office: Preserved in the Public Record Office, Prepared under the Superintendance of The Deputy Keeper of the Records, vol. V Edward I, 1302-1307 (London: Mackie and Co., Ld., 1908)


p. 503

June 8.
To the sheriff of Hereford. Order to cause Eustace de Whyteneye to
have seisin of a messuage and 18 acres of land in Chercheyerd, as the
king learns by an inquisition taken by the sheriff that the said messuage
and land, which Orangia de Chercheyerd, who was hanged for felony,
held, have been in the king's hands for a year and a day, and that
Orangia held them of Eustace, and that the township of Pencoumbe has
had the king's year and a day thereof, for which it ought to answer to the

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