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Calendar of the patent rolls preserved in the Pubic Record Office, Henry VI. Vol. II A.D. 1429-1436.

Prepared under the superintendence of The Deputy Keeper of the Records.

Published by Authority of His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department.

London: Printed for His Majesty's Stationery Office By Mackie and Co. LD, 2, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, E.C.

Page 139

9 Henry VI. - Part 1. Membrane 2d-cont.


Membrane 1d. Hereford

Walter Lucy, Knight

John Merbury

Robert Whitney

Richard de la Mare

Edmund Morys

The sheriff

Page 177

10 Henry VI.-Part 1.


Nov. 5. Westminster.


It was found by inquisition before Robert Whiteney, 'chivaler,' John Skydemore, 'chivaler,' John Merbury, esquire, and John Russell, esquire, taken by virtue of letters patent to them and others directed, that John Bromwych, 'chivaler,' Henry Ardene, 'chivaler,' John Eylesford, 'chivaler,' Walter Bromwych, Philip Holgote, Richard Nassh, John Waleweyn, Walter de la Halle and William Barton were seised in their demesne as of fee of the manor of Almaly and 18 messuages, 680 acres of land, 80 acres of meadow, 40 acres of pasture, 25 acres of wood and 100s. rent in Almaly, Upeote, Kynardesley, Lecton, Hereford, Holmere, Sheldewyk, Pype and More [co. Hereford] and gave the premises to John Oldecastell, 'chivaler,' and the heirs of his body : that he was seised and that the places, called Oldecastell and Wotton, mentioned in the above named letters patent and 1431 Membrane 17 — eont. in an inquisition referred to

Page 178

1431. Membrane 17 - cont.

in an inquisition referred to in the same, which inquisition was taken before John Chaundos, 'chivaler,' John de Merbury, Richard de la Mare, Thomas Holcote, the elder, John Brugge and the escheator in the said county, were hamlets of Almaly, and that the lands by the same inquisition supposed to be in Oldecastell and Wotton have always been parcels of the manor of Almaly. It was also found that a certain place, called Ayley, in the said letters specified is, and has been, a hamlet of Kynardesley, and likewise that a place called Kynley has always been a hamlet of Lecton, and that the said places, Oldecastell, Wotton, Ayley and Kynley have never been towns in themselves. Furthermore, the John Oldecastell, 'chivaler,' mentioned is the same as the John Oldecastell of Coulyng, co. Kent, 'chivaler,' who was adjudged to death for treason, and that, besides the lands mentioned in the inquisition which was taken before John Chandos and the others above referred to, he was seised on the day of his forfeiture of 14 acres of meadow in Upeote, 15 acres of meadow and 10 acres of pasture in Kynardesley, 68 acres of land in Lecton and 180 acres of land, 6 acres of meadow and 13 acres of pasture in Holmere, by form of the gift above referred to. Now after his death, the right would descend to Henry Oldecastell, his son and heir, but those of the premises which were comprised in the inquisition before John Chaundos and his fellow- commissioners, before mentioned, came to the hands of Henry V, and are still in the king's hands. Moreover that king on 21 April, 9 Henry V, upon certain surety, by letters patent committed to Richard Hore, clerk, and John Nonyngton, esquire, the keeping of the manor of Almaly, co. Hereford, of a messuage built at Oldecastell, of a ruinous water-mill there, of 8x. 4rf. rent of assise from divers tenants there, of a messuage built and a carucate of land at Upeote, and 8s. 4rf. rent of assise from divers tenants there, of a parcel of meadow at Wotton, of a ruinous messuage and a carucate of land at Ayley, of a ruinous messuage and 80 acres of arable land at Kynley, of a ruinous messuage and 120 acres of arable land, 2 acres of meadow and 2 acres of pasture at Holmer, of two messuages, a parcel of meadow called 'Oldecastell medowe,' and 2 acres of arable land at Webbeley, of two shops in the butchery in the city of Hereford, of a messuage, containing three shops with a chamber built over them and a garden hard by at 'le Westkarelus,' of the monastery of Hereford, of a cellar, with a chamber built over it, annexed to the said messuage and of a messuage called 'Forberesyn' in the same city, all forfeited by the said John Oldecastell, knight, from Easter then last for twelve years, rendering therefor yearly 80/. 14s. 5d. as the escheator had been wont to do, and 6s. 8d. increment. Now it was afterwards shewn at the suit of the said Henry Oldecastell, that the manor of Almaly, &c. named in the inquisition before Robert Whiteney and his fellow commissioners, are identical with the premises of which the keeping was committed as last above mentioned, and it was therefore prayed that the said letters patent whereby the said keeping was committed should be annulled, and, after default made by the said Richard Horo and John Nonyngton, although duly warned to appear in Chancery and shew cause to the contrary, by Roger Bodenham, John Apye, John Bewail and John Wolryche on a writ of scire facias to the sheriff of Hereford, the letters patent in question, on judgment given in the chancery, are annulled accordingly.

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq.

Copyright © 2008, Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq., and the Whitney Research Group.

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