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Administration & Inventory of Mary Whitney of Coole, 1616


Page 1

Righte Wor(shipfu)ll our dueties most humblie remembered &c. For as much as it hath pleased god to take to his mercie Marie Whitney of Coole Widow, late wyffe of Roberte Whitney late of Coole afforesaid gent deceased, dyed intested And that Elizabeth Massie Wyffe of Hugh Massie of Denfield gent in the Countie of Chester, beinge the onelie ___ _____ daughter of the said Marie Whitney, and not anie other childe livinge. Theis are therefore humblie to crave yo(u)r worships favour, That for as much as the said decedent dyinge intested, and not anie to whom the administration of the goods and chattels doth belonge but onelie to the said Elizabeth Massie her daughter. ____ for as much as the said Hugh Massie, beinge a gent full of in fr______ (as __ is well knowen) And therefore not able to travell And that Elizabeth Massie his wyffe beinge a gent altogeather _______ in such matters. Therefore we humblie crave yo(u)r worships favoure that it maie please you to grante yo(u)r l(ette)res of administracion of the goods and chattelles of the said decedente, to this o(u)r trustie and welbeloved freinde Homfrey Page of Eardshall gent whom we doe by their p(re)sentes ordeyne co(n)stitute and make our true and lawfull Atturney to doe p(er)forme fulfill and accomplish all and everie thinge nd thinges what _____ which shall or maie __________ concerne the goodes and chattels of the said decedente. Thus craving pardon for our bouldnes, prayinge to god for yo(u)r worships ______ _________ we humblie take o(u)r leave. Denfielde this xiiijth of September 1616

Sealed And As o(u)r deade                          yo(u)r worshippes to Com(m)_______
deliv(er)ed to this o(u)r Atturney in
p(r)esence of us
Hugh Gandy								Hugh Massie
John Cheaddocks						   Elizabeth Massie + her mark

Page 2

Upon the receipt of a commission out of his Ma(jestie)s Court of Excheq(ue)r of Chester to us and others dyrected for the ______ and determy_____ of dyvers contenc(i)ons and controv(er)sies nowe depending betweene Hughe Massye gent and Elizabeth his wyfe on the one p(ar)tie and Elizabeth Whytney late wife of Hughe Whytney gent deceased, on the behalfe of her twoe yonger children upon th'other p(ar)tie.

Wee have mett accordinge to the tenor of the Commission and by the Consent of the p(ar)ties on boeth syd(e)s wee doe ord(e)r that Hugh Massye above said shall take l(ette)res of administrac(i)on of the goods of Marye late wyfe of Rob(er)t Whytney gent deceased w(it)hout the interrupc(i)on or Contradic(i)on of the above named Elizabeth Whytney or any other by her p(ro)curem(en)t.

And yt is further ordred that yf ther shalbe any sarplusage debtes and legacyes discharged & of the goods and Chatteles of the said Marye Whytney that the same shall remeyne and be Due to the twoe yonger doughters of the said Elizabeth Whytney.

And yt is lastly ordred that the app(ar)ell of the said Mary Whytney shalbe disposed of by the said Hugh Massye according to the true mea___ of her the foresaid Marye Whytney and _______ to be made out of the Inventorye for the said appell

The Commission(er)s names whoe made this agreem(en)t
Richard Lee
George Cotton
Edward Bressye
John Cartwright

Page 3

A true & lawful Inventory of all the goodes Cattels and Chattels of Mary Whitney late wife of Robert Whitney of Cole in the County of Chester gent deceased, levied and praysed by John Cheswis gent Edward Bressie gent Thomas Dikes and John Pichford the 2th daye of September 1616. Li s d

Imprimis  tow oxen the peice						9	00	00
Item	Sixe kyne							15	00	00
Item	Sixe younge bullocks						15	00	00
Item	a younge sterke & tow calves					02	13	04
Item	an olde nagge							02	06	08
Item	a younge coulte						01	06	08
Item	Sixe & fortie thrave of Rie					09	04	00
Item	for barley in the house and field				04	00	00
Item	20 loade of haye						08	00	00
Item	for oates upon the grounde					03	00	00
Item	cartes wheeles and all husbandrie ware			02	00	00
Item	3 swyne							02	13	04
Item	all the brasse							03	00	00
Item	all the Iron ware						01	03	04
Item 	the co(o)perie and treane ware				01	06	08
Item	white meate							05	00	00
Item	towe and yarne						00	13	04
Item	the bedd over the parlor					01	13	04
Item	in the same chamber a woole bed & bolster			00	13	04
Item	all the beddinge over the halle				04	00	00
Item	in the same chamber the chest presse & on bedstead		01	06	04
Item	the beddinge over the kitchene				03	06	08
Item	the cheste & table in the same chamber			00	03	04
Item	all her wearinge apparel					05	00	00
Item	a bedd over the Entry & other implements in the same room01	06	08
Item	for beddinge in the parlor					02	00	00
Item	the naperie in the cheste standinge there			03	00	00
Item	 sixe silver spones						02	00	00
Item	on cheste tow boxes and a table in the parlor			00	10	00
Item	in the hall cheares stooles quissions & little tables		00	15	00
Item	for pewter and other fine napery				02	00	00
					Some			113	02	00
			Debtes owing
Item	Mr Wright for wood						01	10	00
Item	19 geese, hennes, turkeis and such like			00	17	08
Item	basketts and sackes for corne					00	08	00
Item	a bedstead that men did lye in					00	01	00
Item	Stone troughes							00	05	00
Item	Timber in the barne						00	02	00
Item	Hempe and flaxe						00	07	04 
					Some			116	13	0

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