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Inquisition Post Mortem of James Whitney of Whitney


  • 2 Oct 22 Henry VII (1506)



  • Boughrood, Radnorshire, Wales

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Transcription of the Inquisition Post Mortem of James Whitney, Esq.,By Michael A. Faraday April 9, 2007

Inquisitio indentata capta apud Herefordiam in comitatu Herefordiense secundo die Octobris anno Regni Regis Henrici Septemi post / conquestum xxii coram Rolando Blakeston escaetore domini Regis in comitatu predicto ac Marchie Wallicana eidem comitatus adiacenti / virtute officii sui post mortem Jacobi Whitney armigeri per sacramentum Johannis Ceompe, Thome Shipman, Johannis Steade / Ricardi Parlour, Thome Lone, Johannis Harte, Ricardi West, Johannis Lone, Willielmi Storre, Edmondi Deen, Henrici Crowen et Edwardi / Brastede, Qui dicunt super sacramentum suum quod dictus Jacobus Whitney armiger fuit seisitus de manerio de Boghred cum pertinentiis / (unreadable words in the margin) / in Marchia Wallicana dicto comitatu Herefordiense adiacente in dominico suo ut de feodo et sic inde seisitus de eodem manerio cum pertinentiis / obiit de tituli statu inde seisitus Et dicunt idem Juratores quod dictum manerium cum pertinentiis tenetur de domino Rege in capite per servicium / vicesime parte unius feodi militari & valet per annum in omnibus exitis suis ultra reprisas sex marcas Et dicunt quod predictus Jacobus / Whitney obiit ultimo die Julii anno Regni domini Regis predicti xvmo Et quod Robertus Whitney est eius filius & heres / propinquior et etatis tresdecim annorum et amplius In cuius rei testimonium huic Inquisitioni indentata tam predictus / escaetor quam juratores predicti sigilla sua alternati apposuerunt data die anno et loco supradictis /

Indented ( = duplicated) Inquisition taken at Hereford in the county of Hereford on 2 October in the 22nd year of the reign of King Henry VII after / the Conquest (=1506) before Rowland Blakeston the escheator of the lord King in the aforesaid county and in the March of Wales adjacent to the said county / by virtue of his office after the death of James Whitney esquire by the oath of John Crompe, Thomas Shipman, John Steade, / Richard Parlour, Thomas Lone, John Harte, Richard West, John Lone, William Storre, Edmund Deen, Henry Crowen and (?) Edward / Brastede: Who say on their oath that the said James Whitney esquire was seised of the manor of Boghred (= Boughrood) with its appurtenances / (words in the margin too faint to read) / in the March of Wales adjacent to the said county of Hereford in his demesne as of fee (= ‘freehold’) and being so seised thereof of the same manor with its appurtenances died seised of the title of the estate And the same jurors say that the said manor with its appurtenances is held of the lord King in chief by the service / of a twentieth of one knight’s fee and is worth yearly in all issues beyond deductions 6 marks (= £4)  ; And they say that the aforesaid James / Whitney died on the last day of July in the 15th year of the reign of the aforesaid lord King ( = 1500) ; And that Robert Whitney is his son and next / heir and of the age of 13 years and more ; in witness of which matter the aforesaid escheator and the aforesaid jurors have affixed their seal to this duplicated Inquisition; given the day and year and place abovesaid.

Note that this was probably the property in Boughrood that had been purchased by his great great great grandfather, Robert Whitney, in 1358.

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