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From "Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841-1910," from original records held by the Massachusetts Archives. Online database: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2004.


Whitney, Allen Chandler, birth, 1907, vol. 566, p. 151:

[number] 16; [birthdate] Feb. 18; [date of record] --; [name] Allen Chandler Whitney; [sex] Male; [birthplace] Easton; [parents] Charles Henry Whitney, Florenace A. Chandler; [residence of father] Roxbury; [occupation of father] Furniture dealer; [birthplace of father] Halifax, Mass.; [birthplace of mother] Duxbury.

Whitney, Charles Henry, birth 1856, vol. 96, p. 86:

[number] 2; [birthdate] January 5; [date of record] --; [name] Charles Henry Whitney; [sex] Male; [birthplace] Easton; [parents] George H. & Mary J. Whitney; [residence of father] Easton; [occupation of father] Shoemaker; [birthplace of father] Boston; [birthplace of mother] Lynn.

Whitney, Ervina May, birth 1893, vol. 430, p. 156:

[number] 49; [birthdate] May 8; [date of record] Jan. 1./94; [name] Ervina May Whitney; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Brockton; [parents] Ernest & Sina L. (Holmes); [residence of father] Easton; [occupation of father] Clerk; [birthplace of father] Brockton; [birthplace of mother] Easton.


Ladd, Luella R. [Whitney], marriage, 1910, vol. 594, p. 185:

[number] 37; [marriage date and place] Oct. 31, Easton; [date of record] Oct. 31; [groom] David Hecox; [residence] Easton; [age] 68; [occupation] Machinist; [birthplace] N.Y.; [parents] John D., Ellen England; [number of marriage] Second; [bride] Luella R. Ladd; [residence] Easton; [age] 55; [occupation] Housekeeper; [birthplace] Vt.; [parents] Augustus Whitney, Louisa M. Jenkins; [number of marriage] Second; [officiant] Geo. G. Withington, Easton, Justice of the Peace & Town Clk.

Whitney, Ernest E., marriage 1893, vol. 433, p. 135:

[number] 7; [marriage date and place] Feb. 14, Easton; [date of record] Feb. 15; [groom] Ernest E. Whitney; [residence] Brockton; [age] 18; [occupation] Clerk; [birthplace] Brockton; [parents] Geo. H. & Winifred W. (Dunbar); [number of marriage] First; [bride] Lina Loretta Holmes; [residence] Easton; [age] 15; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Mansfield; [parents] John B. & Florence U. (George); [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Wm. L. Chaffin, Easton, Pastor, Unity Ch.

Whitney, Sina L. [Holmes], marriage 1904, vol. 546, p. 159:

[number] 44; [marriage date and place] Nov. 5, Easton; [date of record] Nov. 7; [groom] Edward Earl Staples; [residence] Brockton; [age] 22; [occupation] Shoe op.; [birthplace] Brockton; [parents] George C. Staples, Sarah E. Rounds; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Sina L. (Holmes) Whitney; [residence] Easton; [age] 26; [occupation] Shoe op.; [birthplace] Mansfield; [parents] John B. Holmes, Florence N. George; [number of marriage] Second; [officiant] William L. Chaffin, Minister of the Gospel, Easton.


Tirrell, Grace N. [Whitney], death, 1902, vol. 528, p. 164:

[number] 83; [death date and place] Nov. 26, Easton; [date of record] Dec. 5Luella; [name] Grace N. (Whitney) Tirrell; [sex] Female; [marital status] Wife of Edwin F.; [age] 36 9 5; [cause] Tubercular enteritis; [residence] Easton; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Rockland; [parents] Edwin M. Whitney, Jane P. Studley; [parents' birthplaces] Hanover, Rockland; [buried] Easton.
NOTE: This was Grace N.9 Whiting, not Whitney (Edward Wilson8, Pyam Collamore7, Theophilus6, Zachariah5 Whiton, Daniel4, Samuel<sup3></sup>, James2, James1).

Whitney, Florence A. [Chandler], death 1907, vol. 1907/36 (death), p. 22:

[number] 46; [death date and place] June 11, 1907, Easton; [date of record] June 13, 1907; [name] Florence A. Whitney; [sex] Female; [marital status] Married to ppFamily:Whitney, Charles Henry (1864-1949)|Charles H. Whitney]]; [age] 42 8 15; [cause] Pleuro-pneumonia; [residence] Easton; [occupation] Housewife; [birthplace] Duxbury; [parents] Harrison Chandler, Maria Peterson; [parents' birthplaces] Duxbury, Duxbury; [buried] Duxbury.

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