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Copy letter from Richard Badelow: following [the court's] orders, he paid his men their wages with 5s. deducted, and the carpenter with 20s. deducted. Fran... [Francis] Whitney, a victualler of Wapping, has since had him arrested, and Badelow asks for him to be called before the court (f.98), 1550-1650




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You may please to remember upon reveiw of yo(u)r order of the 19o Novem(be)r last, in a matter of difference beetwene mee and my men __ was ordered to pay my men theire wages deducting five shillings out of every mans wages for goods of the merchante that was lost, and from the Carpenter to deduct xixto for his neglect in not Calking __ Portes whereby wee had great damage in our goods __ w(hi)ch __ according to your order I payd every man his wages deducting of every one according to order, and never heard more of any of them, till now upon my going to Sea there is one Fran[ces] Whitney of Wapping Victualler hath arrested mee by the K_ M_ __ men at the suite of my Carpenter, for what I doe not know, only to vex and troble mee. I desire yo(u)r Wor(shi)pps to bee pleased to call the said Whitney before you and to take some order __ I may now rest without further troble. Soe I humbly take my ____ & ____

Yo(u)r ___ B__ Commanded
Richard Badiley

Limehouse 22o : August 1637

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