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Source: Spreadsheet titled "1275_Institutions.xls" as found on Hereford Bishops 1066 - present (accessed 29 Apr 2008).

Cantilupe(1275-1282). 1277 Jul 28 Pencombe. John de Chandos. Eustace de Whitney. Custody for 6 months.
Swinfield(1283-1317). 1289 Feb 4 Pencombe. John de Chandos, priest. Eustace de Whitney.
Swinfield(1283-1317). 1300 Nov 13 Much Marcle. Thomas de Whitney, priest. Abbot and convent of Lyre.
Swinfield(1283-1317). 1303 Jan 25 Pencombe. Reginald de Whitney. Eustace de Pencombe. [was this perhaps actually Eustace de Whyteneye?]
Charlton(1327-1344 ). 1335 Jan 7 Yarkhill. Vicarage. Thos. de Whitney. Master of Ledbury Hospital.
Charlton(1327-1344 ). 1342 Nov 16 Pencombe. Baldewin de Whitney. [not listed, but almost certainly Sir Eustace de Whyteneye.]
Trillek(1344-1361). 1345 Dec 20 Whitney. Thomas de Whyteneye, acolyte. Sir Eustace de Whyteneye.
Trillek(1344-1361). 1349 Aug 23 Whitney. John Brasur. Sir Eustace de Whyteneye.
Trillek(1344-1361). 1353 Nov 15 Pencombe. Baldwin de Whyteneye. Robert de Whyteneye.
Charlton(1361-1370). 1361 Feb 11 Pencombe. Richd. de Hurtesley, clerk. Robt. de Whyteneye, lord of Pencombe. Baldwin de Whyteneye. Resignation.
Charlton(1361-1370). 1369 Sep 24 Pencombe. John Brasur of Blakemere. Sir Robt. de Wytheneye, knt.
Charlton(1361-1370). 1369 Oct 30 Whitney. John Rees, chaplain. Robt. de Wytheneye.
Trefnant(1389-1404). 1393 Oct 21 Whitney. John Smith, chapl. Sir Robt de Whittney.
Mascall(1404-1416). 1411 Feb 14 Whitney. John Clerc, rector of Stanton on the Wold. Robert Whitney. John Smyth. Exchange. With John Smyth, rector of Whitney. On the commission of Henry, archbishop of York.
Mascall(1404-1416). 1413 Oct 10 Whitney. [1] John Halys, rector of Parley. Sir Robert Whyteney, knt. John Clerk. Exchange. With John Clerk, rector of Whitney. To be effected by the bishop of Salisbury. [1]-Date of commission.
Lacy(1417-1420). 1417 Jul 15 Whitney. Reginald Lane, rector of Kentchurch. Sir Robert Whitney, knt. John Hales, rector of Whitney. Exchange.
Lacy(1417-1420). 1419 Dec 7 Pencombe. Robert Herlestone, chaplain. Sir Robt.Whyteneye, knt., lord of Pencombe. Sir Eustace. Death.
Poltone(1420-1422). 1421 Oct 18 Pencombe. Rectory. John Orlestone, rector of Hughley, Lincoln diocese. Sir Robt. Whyteney. John Ludeshelf, rector of Pencome. Exchange.
Spofford(1422-1448) 1428 Mar 31 Whitney. John Heyter, chapl. Sir Robt. Whyteney. Reginald Lane. Death.
Spofford(1422-1448) 1428 Jun 12 Pencombe. Roger Browne, chapl. Sir Robt. Whytemore. John Ludesshelf. Resignation.
Spofford(1422-1448) 1429 Jan 12 Whitney. Richd. ap Powell, chapl. Sir John Whyteney. John Heyter. Death.
Stanbury(1453-1474). 1460 Jul 31 Whitney. Henry Writere, chapl. Eustace Whyteney.
Stanbury(1453-1474). 1464 Mar 12 Whitney. Thom. ap Rees, chapl. Eustace Whitney, armiger. Henry Skryvenere. Death.
Myllyng(1474-1492). 1478 Jun 5 Pencombe. [2] Roger Clone, chaplain of the chantry in S. Katherine's chapel near the cathedral. Joan Whitney, Walter Vaughan, Thomas Blonte, John Walwey of Longford, and Milo ap Harry, feoffees of the demesne of Pencombe, by the appointment of Robert Whitney. John Lynke, rector of Pencombe. Exchange. [2]-Commission to the dean and chapter to effect the exchange.
Myllyng(1474-1492). 1484 May 18 Whitney. James Estoun. Robert Whitney.
Myllyng(1474-1492). 1485 Nov 27 Pembridge. [6] Henry Whitney, clerk. The king, racione comitatus marchie. [i.e. by reason of the Council of the Marches of Wales] [6]-Date of presentation.
Myllyng(1474-1492). 1489 Oct 17 Chantry of the B.V.M. in Weobley church. Chantry. Henry Whitney, chapl. Thomas Barton, of Weobley. Wm. Coly. Death.
Myllyng(1474-1492). 1492 May 12 Chantry of the B.V.M. in Weobley church. Chantry. Roger Barton. Thomas Barton. Henry Whitney. Death.
Mayew(1504-1516). 1505 Dec 22 Whitney. Owen Poole. The feoffees of the lordship of Whitney. [1] James Eston. Death. [1]-Sir Walter Baskervyle, Simon Mylborne, James Skydmore, armigers, John Breynton, generosus, and Simon Heryng.
Bothe(1516-1535). 1530 Jan 31 Minsterworth. Vicarage. John Whitney. Prior and conv. of S. Oswald's, Gloucester. Francis Penrice. Resignation.
Skipp (1539-1552). 1540 Dec 17 Pencombe. John Burghill. Rob. Whitney, arm. William Duckett. Death.
Skipp (1539-1552). 1544 Apr 9 Whitney-on-Wye. James ap Hopkyn. The king, in the minority of Robert Whitney. Owen Pole, alias Meredith. Death.
Skipp (1539-1552). 1545 Jan 21 Pencombe. Robert Keryson. The king, by reason of minority of Rob. Whitney, son of Rob. Whitney, gen. John Burghill. Death.
Scorye (1559-1585). 1560 Aug 1 Whitney. Thomas Gravenor. Robt. Whitney, mil.
Scorye (1559-1585). 1575 Nov 12 Whitney. James Hopkin. James Whitney, mil.
Scorye (1559-1585). 1577 Jun 28 Whitney. William Hudleston. James Whitney, mil.
Croft (1662-1691). 1687 Apr 22 Clifford. Vicarage. Eustace Whitney Chas. Walwyn, gen. John Rawlins. Death.
Bisse (1713-1721). 1714 Nov 6 Clifford. Vicarage. James Williams, B.A. Charles Walwyn, cleric. Eustace Whitney. Death.
Cornwall (1803-1808). 1807 May 5 Stretford. George Whitney. John Morris, of Leominster, esq. Joseph Edwards. Death.
Grey (1832-1837). 1836 Jul 21 Stretford. Samuel Powell. Thomas Dunne, of Bircher, esq., and Edward Evans, of Eyton Hall, esq. George Whitney. Death.

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