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Victor Charles Detty, History of the Presbyterian Church of Rome, Pennsylvania, 1844-1942 (Wysox, PA: The author, 1942).

Chapter II:

"Delphine Wattles, daughter of DeWitt Clinton and Olive Carter Wattles, was born Sept. 9, 1851 and married Allen W. Woodburn, son of J. W. Woodburn, lived across from the present post office, and had two sons, John Wattles Woodburn and Dr. Wilton Woodburn, the later born Aug. 24, 1880, died March 20, 1938 in Pittsburgh, Pa. He married Georgia Gueppner and two children survive, with her: Gretta Marjorie, born Jan. 12, 1924; and Wilton Allen, Jr., born Nov. 2, 1926. Mrs. Woodburn known as "Della," died Sept. 2, 1932. John W. Woodburn was married October 1, 1896 by Rev. F. E. Bessey to Mamie Kilmer, and they had four children: (1) Emma, born Feb. 18, 1898 married Leonard Mott, has a son, John Edward born Aug. 17, 1921; (2) Edward, born April 12, 1899, married Lillian Chaffee, born Dec. 27, 1903, and having two daughters, Margaret Elizabeth, born June 9, 1932, and Ruth Ann, born Feb. 27, 1935. (3) Live, born Aug. 14, 1900, married A. J. Whitney, and having two sons, Andrew Jackson, Jr., born Jan. 4, 1924, and William Cranmer, born March 1, 1926; (4) Marie, born October 14, 1901, married Richard Johnson of Whitney Point, N.Y., and having two children—Mary Elizabeth born Oct. 23, 1931, and Richard Amos, born May 30, 1939. John W. Woodburn, born March 6, 1875, died Dec. 27, 1905."

"Elizabeth Emily Wattles, born in 1832, the daughter of Arunah and Elizabeth (Allen) Wattles, married April 18, 1852 William Edwin Woodburn, son of Moses and Esther (Whitney) Woodburn, had one child when they moved to a farm near Harrisburg, Iowa, where four others were born to them. She died there June 17, 1876 at the age of 44. The names of her children are: Lawrence Clinton, Lewis Fremont, Frances Augusta, William Walter, Theodore DeWitt, all of whom had families in Iowa except William, who died as an infant. Mildred Woodburn, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has written and published a history of the Woodburn family. She is the daughter of Lewis Fremont Woodburn. Her street address is 2100 Johnson Avenue."

"Alanson Whitney, born July 1, 1801, the son of Elisha and Esther (Clark) Whitney, married Dec. 18, 1828 Laura Towner, whose grave is in the Towner Hill cemetery, daughter of Enoch Towner, and spent his last days at Monroeton, Pa. His children were: Electa, Franklin, Emiline and Clara.

"Alanson Whitney’s daughter Emiline married Henry Clay Chubbuck. Three children were born to them: (1) Alanson, who lived at Athens, had a son, L. T. Chubbuck, a grocer of Towanda who has four children: Grace, Gerald, Doris, and Donald; (2) George Chubbuck, who married had a son who died; and (3) Laura Chubbuck, who married Daniel Kline, had a daughter Miss Cora C. Kline. Mr. Kline died and Laura married second, C. H. Kulp, and lives at 541 Johnson St., Freeland, Pa. George, his wife and son are all deceased. Alanson Chubbuck died March 28, 1942. Burial was a Monroeton, Pa.

"Alanson Whitney’s daughter Clara married first, George William Mingos and had three sons. (1) W. Leslie Mingos married Miss Bernice Grenell (Now Mrs. D. W. Cowles of Orwell). Two sons were born to them: Lindrof G. and Max A. Mingos. Max has a daughter, Rowena. W. Leslie Mingoes died in 1915. (2) Perry C. Mingos married Mae Eastman of Burlington, had a daughter Laura and a son Arthur. Laura married Millard Marvin and had two children: Anna Mae and a son, Millard, Jr. Arthur lives at Athens, Pa. He married Marion Malone, has two children: Mary Clara and Gerald. Laura Marvin died. (3) Frank M. Mingos married Marion McDonald and they had three children: James, who has eight children and lives at Luther’s Mills, Pa.; Helen, who is a teacher, married James Minard; and Clara, who lives with her father at Athens and has a beauty parlor. After the Death of George William Mingos, is widow, Clara Mingos, married Eli Gale.

"John W. Woodburn resided at the corner of the main road of the valley and the Taylor Hill road, and was known as "Squire" Woodburn, being the Justice of the Peace and a man of means and influence in the borough, before whom the deed for the church lot was acknowledged. He was the great-grandfather of Edward Woodburn of Rome and of Mrs. A. J. Whitney of Williamsport."

"Godfrey Vought, a farmer, had his residence at the site of Claude B. Wilmot’s residence. His wife was Polly Croft, granddaughter of the Duke of Baden, Germany. He died in 1849 in his eighty-ninth year. He was the great-grandfather of Mrs. G. W. Chase and Mrs. Minnie Truesdale of Taylor Hill and Miss Ruth Whitney and the great-great-grandfather of A. J. and Richard Whitney and Sarah Whitney (wife of Dr. R. L. Scott of Buffalo, N.Y.). He and his wife donated the land, valued at $100, for the erection of the Rome Methodist Church in 1849."

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