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Domesday Book, England, 1086
Lands in 1086 owned by Whitneys then and a little later

Holborn, London, England, 14th Century

Killingly, CT
Whitney Extracts from Killingly, CT, Land Record Indices 1709-1800

Kentucky Land Grants
Whitneys Extracts from Kentucky Land Grants

Allen Co., KY, Deeds

Allen Co., KY, Land Grants

Aroostook County, ME, Grantors
Whitney Extracts from Aroostook County, ME, Grantor Index, 1808-1879

Middlesex Co., MA, Grantees
Whitney Extracts from Middlesex Co., MA, Grantee Index, 1639-1799

Middlesex Co., MA, Grantors
Whitney Extracts from Middlesex Co., MA, Grantor Index, 1639-1799

Oneida Co., NY, Land Owners, 1814

North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791
Whitneys of North Carolina granted land in Tennessee

Washington County Surveyors Record 1781-1797
Whitney land in Washington Co., Virginia

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