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From the Mexican War Pension File of Edward P. Whitney
Landsman, U.S.S. Cumberland
Invalid's Application #23533, Certificate #19766
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Edward Payson8 Whitney (Jesse7, Jacob6, Abraham5, Abraham4, Moses3, Richard2, John1).

On 5 June 1891 from Hartford Co., CT, Edward P. Whitney signed a Declaration of Survivor for Pension, Mexican War. He had served as a landsman on the frigate U.S.S. Cumberland. He enlisted at Boston, MA, on 30 Sep 1847 for the term of three years or sooner, and was discharged at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York on 30 Sep 1848. He was on the Cumberland at Vera Cruz from Nov or Dec 1847 until Jun 1848. He is sixty-three years old, having been born at Nashua, NH, on 2 May 1828. He is married, and his wife's maiden name is Josephine Stickney, whom he married at Nashua, NH, on 22 Feb 1850. His wife is still living. He has previously received a land grant for 160 acres. Since his discharge he has lived at Nashua, NH, and since 1851 at Hartford, CT. His post office address is 55 Huyshope Avenue, Hartford, CT. On the application he claims no disability.

Edward received a pension of eight dollars per month commencing 2 May 1890. On 14 Feb 1907, Edward filed a declaration seeking increased benefit. From it we learn that at the time of his enlistment he was 5 feet 10 inches in height; with a medium complexion, blue eyes, black hair, and was by occupation a machinist. Since leaving the service he has resided at Nashua, NH, until 1850; Hartford, CT, until 1853; England until 1857; Hartford, CT, 1857 to 1869; Russia, 1869 to 1870; and Hartford, CT, until the present. The declaration was witnessed by Henry R. and Josephine Whitney Knox, who reside in Hartford.

On 14 Nov 1891 Edward submitted an affidavit concerning his having received a Bounty Land Warrant (noted elsewhere as Bounty Land Claim 73873-160-55). He believes his land warrant was issued in 1858, and he gave the warrant to his brother George H. Whitney, who sold it to parties in Boston whose names are not remembered. The proceeds from the sale of the land grant were given to his mother.

On 29 Mar 1907 Edward answered and inquiry from the Bureau of Pensions. He now resides at 281 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford, CT. His wife's name was Josephine Stickney Whitney, and she is now deceased. They were married 22 Feb 1850 in Nashua, NH, by L.C. Brown, and he has a certificate of marriage. His living children are:

  1. Elizabeth A. Cheney, born 16 Apr 1856
  2. Harry O. Whitney, born 15 Apr 1858
  3. Josephine Knox, born 4 Feb 1861

On 4 Jan 1908 the Commissioner of Pensions was informed that Edward P. Whitney was last paid at twenty dollars per month to 4 December 1907, and was dropped from the rolls because of his reported death, date unknown.

(Note: It is interesting that F.C. Pierce relates that Edward's daughter Elizabeth married Walter Carney, but her father testified that her married name was Cheney. The 1900 census of Meriden, New Haven Co., CT, reveals that her married name was indeed Cheney, and that she was born while the family resided in England. KLW)

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