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Dumas, David W., "Bacon - Adams - Whitney - Kingsbury Family Record," NEHGR, Volume CXXXVIII (1984), pp. 32-38.

[p. 32]

The record transcribed below was compiled by John Bacon (1774-1846) and is unusual in that it deals with his "extended family," i.e., not only his paternal and maternal antecedents and collaterls but also several families allied by marriage. It supplements and corrects a number of published works. The original record came into the hands of the Stark family of Central Village, Connecticut, upon their purchase of one of the Bacon properties, and descended in that family to a client of the editor. It is now in the possession of the Society. [snip]

[p. 35]

Frederick C. Pierce's The Descendants of John Whitney, who came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635 (Chicago, 1895) so badly confuses this family with others bearing similar given names that we can only point out the major errors, some of which were noted by Francis Bacon Trowbridge in a brief note in the Register 50 (1896): 357.
First, Pierce confuses this Joshua4 Whitney (David3, Joshua2, John1), whom he describes (#189, pp. 37, 57) as marrying Ann [sic] Blodgett, with another Joshua4 Whitney (William3, Joshua2, John1) who is erroneously (at #176, pp. 36, 58) shoehorned into the place of a Josiah, the author stating "The family record says Josiah, but Butler in his Hist. of Groton, gives the third child as Joshua; m. Amy Blodgett." The work cited is Caleb Butler's History of the Town of Groton (Boston, 1848), 444.
The error is then compounded by assigning Capt. Joshua5 Whitney of the family under consideration to the property of the fictitious Joshua4, and replacing him with some other Joshua who m. one Anne Ashley (Pierce, Whitney Family, #540, p. 111 and #583), p. 114. In other words, the Joshua5 who married Sally Cochran should be shown as Joshua5 (Joshua4, David3, Joshua2, John1). Pierce in listing the children of our Joshua4 (p. 60) also omits the first Huldah who died young and includes an Asa unknown to the family record.
The date of death which Pierce assigns for our Joshua4, "about 1759, " appears to be incorrect, and the supposed son Joshua who on 17 Feb. 1759 chose Col. David Whitney as guardian must have been the son of another, as our Joshua's Joshua5, born in 1750, would have been only eight years of age, and the privilege of choosing one's own guardian was reserved to children of fourteen years and upward.
For the ancestry and connections of Isaac Lawrence, see The Genealogy of the Family of John Lawrence (Boston, 1857, p. 36; also Boston 1869, pp. 49-50), which notes that Isaac died on 14 November 1767, "leaving his second wife, widow Amy, to survive him twenty-six years."
For this family, see Frederick J. Kingsbury, The Genealogy of the Descendants of Henry Kingsbury (Hartford, 1905), 116-17, 122-25, 134-35, and note that John Kingsbury's wife was Esther4 Whitney (Pierce, Whitney Family, #187, p. 36) sister of Joshua4 Whitney. Lemuel Kingsbury thus married his first cousin, Mary5 Whitney (1746-1817) (ibid., #582, p. 60).

Family Record collected by J. Bacon

[page 1]
John Bacon born 28th April 1711 - died 2nd October 1790
Ruth Spalding his wife born October 1710 & died 18th September 1782
They were married September 24th 1734
Their children were
Asa born November 21st 1735 old stile died 15th October 1819
John Born 9th April 1738 died in Stockbridge 25th October 1819
Elizabeth born May 30 1741
Mary born August 17th 1748 became the second wife of Thomas Buswell
20th June 1772 died 1st July 1781
Benjamin born 17th August 1744
Olive born 24th June 1747
[page 2]
Asa married for his first wife Edith Bradford May 16th 1765 who died 3rd March 1766, married for his second wife Abigail Whitney 2nd June 1768. Their children by this marriage were
Asa born 8th February 1771 settled in Litchfield 1806 died [blank]
Abigail 1st born 30th December 1772 & died 2nd December 1781 aged 9 years
Polly born 8th October 1776 became the wife of William P. Cleavland
[page 3]
2nd February 1796, died in New London 23rd January 1801 of a consumption
Amy born 13th October 1779 married Fitch Adams 16th January 1799 died of a consumption in Canterbury 24th May 1816
John born 24th November 1774 died [in pencil and in a different hand added: 16 Jan 1846]
Abigail 2nd born 20th September 1782 married Walter Paine of Providence 1st January 1818, died [blank]
David born 2nd July 1785 & died in New York 13th January 1823 of a general debility
[page 4]
Abigail the second wife of Asa Bacon died in Woodstock on Friday afternoon 21st September 1821 of a consumption which proceeded from a sudden cold which continued 17 weeks. She was at the house of Mr. William May where she went to make a social visit.
[page 5]
Asa married Lucretia H. Champion daughter of Epaphroditus Champion of East Haddam 16th March 1807
Epaphroditus C. Bacon born 2nd September 1810
Frederick Asa Bacon born October 15th 1812
Francis Bacon born January 6th 1819
William P. Cleavland Jr. born 14th May 1797
Careline Cleavland born 7th August 1799
[page 6]
Family Record of John and Esther Kingsbury of Canaan Connecticut
Stephen born December 7th 1735 died at Norfolk Ct
Elizabeth born May 15th 1737 married to Elisha Baker, Canaan
Jacob born February 26th 1740 died at Lake George 16th July 1759
Lemuel born 4th April 1743 died at Canaan 24th November 1804
Andrew born 12th January 1745 died at Poultney Vermont
Willard born 26th [or 20th?] August 1747 - time of decease unknown
Lois born 15th June 1749 died in 1751

[p. 37]

Lemuel married Mary Whitney
[page 7]
Their children Viz -
Joshua born 13th February 1768 married Susan Marsh
Their children by this marriage viz
Amy born September 1790 died 2nd July 1815
Lucy born in 1792 died 16th September 1816
Abigail born July 1795 died 28th February 1821
Lemuel born 13th February 1798 died 13th February 1816
William born 7th December 1st November [sic] 1807, yet living
Warren born 7th December 1801 died June 25th 1824
George an uncle of the above born 23rd January 1770 married Betsey Goddard died Poultney Vermont 30th April 1803
[page 8]
Abigail born 24th February 1772 died August 12th 1776
William born 16th June 1774 married Sally Marsh
Amy born 4th August 1776 died November 1787
Lucy born 4th December 1778 died 23rd June 1786
Esther born 2nd February 1784 died 16th January 1786
Mary born 12th November 1786 died 15th September 1796
These are the chidlren of Lemuel and Mary Kingsbury
The children of William & Sally Kingsbury are as follows Viz
Guy M. born 18th August 1809
Jno. A. born 30th November 1810
Charles W. born 25th August 1811
Two deceased
[page 9]
Joshua Whitney Esq. my maternal grandfather born 2nd October 1720 O.S. married Amy Blodget and died in Plainfield 10th February 1762 or as my maternal uncle Nathaniel Stevens asserts he died 1761 Amy Blodget born 16th Februry 1724 - Her second husband Capt. Isaac Lawrence whom she survived. She then married to George Palmer Esq of Stillwater, N.Y. at the age of 74, survived him. She then returned to Canaan & lived to the 24th December 1819 died as she lived an example of piety & religion manifested in her life & conversation
The children by the first marriage were
Abigail my mother born 10th January 1744 died of quick consumption at Woodstock 21st September 1821
Mary the surviving widow [page 10] of Lemuel Kingsbury born 7th January 1746 died at Canaan 22nd November 1817
Huldah 1st born 1748 died 1750
Joshua born 28th November 1750 married to a Miss Cohran died in Bridport Vermont March 1822 left several children
Joshia born 11th August 1752. His friends never knew where or when he died.
Huldah 2nd born 20th January 1755 married Elias Palmer of Stillwater, died there
David born 25th March 1757 Still living at Addison Vermont
Amy born 23rd March 1761 married to Nathaniel Stevens of Canaan, still living 1825

[p. 38]

The children of Fitch Adams of Canterbury & Amy his wife Viz:
Jabez Emworth Adams born 22nd October 1800 and died 3rd April 1801
Jabez Adams their second son born 20th May 1802
David F. Adams their second son [sic] born 1st July 1804
Mary B. Adams their first daughter born 9th September 1806
George Leonard Adams their third son born August 29th 1808
Abigail W. Adams their second daughter born 5th May 1811
Lydia Adams their third daughter born about the 4th [page 12] August 1810 & died 5th November 1811 aged 15 months
Fitch Adams married for his second wife Sarah Morgan daughter of Elisha Morgan Esq. of Lisbon 6th June 1818
Sarah Morgan Adams their first child by this marriage born 11th June 1819
Abigail W. Adams the second daughter of Fitch Adams died of consumption at home on Friday October 13th 1826 about 1000 Forenoon
Fitch Adams died February 11th 1837 aged 65 of typhus Fever a short sickness of three weeks - Born 20th January 1772
[page 13]
April 3rd 1832 David F. Adams and Abigail N. Cary united in marriage by Rev. Dennis Pratt
September 17th 1834 James B. Cary and Mary B. Adams united in marriage by Rev. Otis C. Whiton
Asa B. Cary the first son born July 12th 1835
John B. Adams the first son of David F. Adams and Abigail N. Cary born August 16 1836
Fitch Adams Cary son of James B. Cary born 22 February 1838
The above John B. Adams died August 30th 1841
[page 14]
Jabez Adams and Deborah Hyde only daughter of Alfred Hyde deceased were united in marriage by Mr. Warren on the 25th September 1839
The first child of this marriage named Sarah Bacon Adams born September 18th 1840
William Spalding Adams second son of David Fitch Adams and Abby K. Adams his wife born Decembr 20th 1839
[page 15]
Elizabeth A. Cary 1st daughter of James B. Cary & Mary his wife born 21st April 1840
George Leonard Cary 3rd son of James B. Cary and Mary his wife born October 10th 1842
Deborah Adams the wife of Jabez Adams died after short illness of one weeke June 25th 1843 being Sabbath morning at 600 aged only 23.
Deborah Adams infant daughter of Jabez Adams & Deborah born Thursday 22nd June 1843 died Friday 7th
Sarah Bacon Adams daughter of Deborah & Jabez Adams died April 12th 1844
[inside back cover]
James Cary and family moved and took possession of the mansion house of my honored parents April 1829

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[p. 216]

187. Cornelius5 Gifford (Thomas4, Cornelius</i>3, James2, William1) was born probably at Lee, Mass., in 1781, and died at Pittsfield, Loraine Co., Ohio, 6 Nov. 1852. He was baptized in the Lee Congregational Church (Records of the Town of Lee to 1801 [Lee, Mass., 1900], 250). He married at Lee, 30 Jan. 1806 Hannah Nye, born at Lee, 17 Nov. 1793, daughter of John and Lois (West) Nye (Vital Records of Lee, Massachusetts to the Year 1850 [Boston, 1903], 73, 152). [snip]

[p. 217]

Children, born at Columbus, N.Y. (Account Book of William Sidney Gifford):
. . . .
vi. Cornelius Frary, b. 10 Sept. 1817; d.s.p. 13 Nov. 1900; m. Oct. 1843 Lucina Whitney, b. 3 July 1818, d. 10 Sept. 1904.
. . . .
ix. Cordelia, b. 5 April 1824 (or 1825); d. 10 March 1916; m 27 April 1848 Mark Whitney, b. 17 Dec. 1818, d. 2 Feb. 1907.

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