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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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of 1875. Soon afterwards he began reading law in Boston with GASTON, FIELD & JEWETT and remained with that firm till he went to Chicago in 1878, and was admitted to the various bars in October of that year. Since becoming a resident of that city he has been engaged in several noted criminal cases, but, although powerful in that line he is a general practitioner in his profession. In politics he is a Democrat and many of his addresses have attracted considerable attention. Probably he is the most prominent criminal lawyer in the city of Chicago, and was the leading attorney in the celebrated Cronin case. Ch.: Marjorie, b. Feb. 3, 1880; d. Apr. 3, 1883; Elizabeth, b. Mar. 22, 1882; Marshall, b. June 21, 1886; infant, b. Oct.21, 1893; res. 3264 Groveland Ave., Chicago, Ill. 3387. PELEG TALLMAN WHITNEY (Benjamin, Abraham, Benjamin, John, Ben- jamin, John), b. Nov. 12, 1814; m. at Skowhegan, Oct. 2, 1838, Mary E. VARNEY; b. Apr. 10, 1817; d. June 25, 1859; m. 2d St. John, N.B., Jan. 25, 1860, Louisa V. MCLACHLAN; b. there Jan. 11, 1834. He d. Jan. 19, 1868; res. Orono, Me. 6218. i. CHARLES T., b. Feb. 21, 1839; d. July 26, 1840. 6219. ii. CHARLES T., b. Apr. 27, 1841; d. Aug. 26, 1842. 6220. iii. HENRY A., b. Apr. 21, 1843; m. Margetta LOCKWOOD; res. Orono, Me. 6221. iv. CHARLES T., b. Mar. 7, 1845; d. July 19, 1846. 6222. v. ANNIE W., b. Mar. 6, 1847; m. Aug. 1867, James D. BURNHAM; res Florenceville, N.B. 6223. vi. EMELINE W., b. Sept. 27, 1851; d. Sept. 11, 1852. 6224. vii. ELIZABETH V. b. Nov. 12, 1860; m. Sept. 12, 1881, Frederick GUDERIAN; res. Minneapolis, Minn. 6225. viii. WILLIAM T., b. June 23, 1864; m. Apr. 28, 1887, Lucella B. PETTY; d. Nov. 23, 1888; res. Minneapolis, Minn. 3388. JOSEPH DAVIS WHITNEY (Benjamin, Abraham, Benjamin, John, Benjamin, John), b. Mar. 9, 1817; m. pub. Dec. 12, 1843, Lorada Harwood WHITNEY, dau. of Joseph; d. Sept. 21, 1848; m. 2d, Mar. 14, 1850, Ann Sarah WHITNEY, sister of first wife; d. Apr. 8, 1852; m. 3d Jan. 21, 1858, Margaret MASTERSON, his adopted dau. In 1854 he went west, and res. for a time at Ruby, Mich.; later he moved to Port Huron, and was prop. of the Huron House. He d. Mar. 24, 1885; res. Port Huron, Mich. 6226. i. BETHIAH ANN, b. Sept. 25, 1844; m. Jan. 3, 1863, James B. DENNISON; res. Yarmouth, Me. Ch.: Melvin F., b. Sept. 14, 1863; Charles C., b. Mar. 1, 1867; William H., b. Oct. 7 1869. 6227. ii. CLARA EMMA, b. Mar. 26, 1851; m. Frederick TOZIER; res. Fall River, Mass. She d. Lisbon Falls, Me., July 24, 1877. Their one child died in infancy. 6228. iii. CHARLES JOSEPH, b. -----. 6229. iv. FRED ADGER, b. -----. 6230. v. JESSIE A., b. -----. 3390. HEZEKIAH WHITTEMORE WHITNEY (Benjamin, Abraham, Benjamin, John, Benjamin, John), b. Lisbon, Me., Jan. 22, 1821; m. at Orono, Me., Apr, 1846, Emeline CHANDLER; b. 1826; d. Jan. 6, 1850; m. 2d, Apr. 29, 1851, Harriett M. TREAT; b. 1828; res. Monroe, Wis. 6231. i. AVA M., b. 1852 (adopted); m. 1872, Arthur P. BURNHAM; res. Janesville, Wis. 3395. BERNARD KING WHITNEY (Samuel L., Jacob, Benjamin, John, Benjamin, John), b. -----. During the war of the rebellion he served in Co. K, 30th Reg't Wis. Vols.; res. Winnebago City, Minn.; 1875. 3396. ANDREW D. WHITNEY (Samuel L., Jacob, Benjamin, John, Benjamin, John), b. -----. He served in the late war in Co. K, 30th Reg't Wis. Vols.; res. Tomah, Wis.; 1874. 3398. JACOB W. WHITNEY (Samuel L., Jacob, Benjamin, John, Benjamin, John), b. -----. He served in Co. I, 49th Wis. Vols.; res. Mankato, Minn.; 1875. 3403. ABRAM HINCKLEY WHITNEY (James, Jacob, Benjamin, John, Benjamin, John), b. Phillips, Me., Apr. 1, 1817; m. Apr. 11, 1845, Mary WILBER; b. July 25, 1819; d. Nov. 11, 1885. He was born and reared in the vicinity of what was called Phillips

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