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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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enemy. He came up with them at Fryeburg, Me., and all but ten of his men were killed. The force of the Indians was broken and Paugus, their leader, slain. The gallant LOVEWELL fell, and the survivors, after great suffering, found their way back to the settlement. About 1734 a party of men from Dunstable, Mass., went out on a hunting expe- dition and fell into the hands of the Indians. One of the party, WHITNEY*, escaped, though badly wounded. He was too weak to think of returning home alone through the trackless and unpeopled forest, so he built himself a hut of logs, bark and branches of trees, and there passed the winter, subsisting chiefly on roots and cran- berries. In the spring: another party went out to find and bury the dead, and came to this hut which they supposed to be that of an Indian. As they approached they saw something stir within it, One of the party Timothy REED, discharged his mus- ket, and to his inexpressible horror found that he had killed one of his neighbors. His sorrow followed him to the grave. WHITNEY was just preparing to return home, having survived his wounds and all the perils and hardships of a winter in the wil- derness. [Hist. Dunstable, Mass., p.57, and Dunstable, N. H., p. 134] The two histories above cited, do not give WHITNEY's Christian name. The tradi- tion in the family is that local histories give some facts of the shooting and that it occurred on the 'shore of a lake in Maine, which is to this day called WHITNEY's Pond. The History of Temple, N. H., says: "Mr. WHITNEY went from Dunstable to the Saco river just before Quebec was taken by the English. He was killed by Indians and buried at Temple, N. H." He d. 1755; res. Dunstable. Mass. and N. H. 531. i. ELLENOR, b. July 23, 1740; m. [NOTE] Francis POLLARD, of Dunstable, N. H.; 532. ii. JAMES, b. Nov. 4, 1742; m. Sarah LUND. 533. iii. JOHN, b. Aug. 15, 1745; m. Mary JONES. 534. iv. JONATHAN, b. Aug. 15, 1745; m. Abigail HEMENWAY. 535. v. ELIZABETH, b. May 21, 1748; m. Phinehas BENNETT, of Cocker- mouth, Cheshire Co., N. H.; res. Rindge, N. H. They had a son James. (Did Elizabeth m. H. ----- BUTTERICK.) 536. vi. LUCY, b. Jan. 5. 1755: m. James BANCROFT, of Packersfield, N.H.; res. Rockingham, Vt. 174. WILLIAM WHITNEY (William, Joshua, John), b. Groton, Mass., May 5, 1701: m. at Killingly, Conn., July 16, 1723. Mary WHITTEMORE. He was born In Groton, Mass., and removed to Connecticut with his parents when quite young. Settling in Killingly he resided there until after his marriage, when he moved to Canaan, not far from 1753. He was a cooper by trade, but followed farm- ing nearly all the latter part of his life. While residing in Killingly, in 1728, he was elected a member of the first board of surveyors. Res. Killingly and Canaan, Conn. 537. i. WILLIAM, b. Feb. 5, 1725; m. Arcoucher DUTCHER and Jane -----. 538. ii. THOMAS, b. Feb. 28, 1727; m. Elizabeth BOARDMAN. 539. iii. ABIGAIL [NOTE], b. July 4, 1741. 176. JOSHUA WHITNEY (William, Joshua, John), b. Groton, Mass., Nov. 1, 1714; m., Plainfield, to Amy BLODGETT [NOTE]. He d. -----; res. Plainfield, Conn. [NOTE] 540. i. JOSHUA, b. Mar. 25, 1750; m. Sally COCHRAN. [NOTE] 541. ii. BENJAMIN, b. Oct. 1755; m. Sarah BASSETT. [NOTE] 542. iii. Probably others. 177. DEA. JOHN WHITNEY (William, Joshua, John), b. prob. in Groton [NOTE], Jan. 30, 1717-18; m. Elizabeth -----; b. in 1719 [NOTE]; d. May 14, 1790. He was probably born in Groton, Mass., though his will is recorded at Plainfield, Conn., to which place his parents had removed when he was quite small. After his marriage he moved to Canaan, where he was a prominent citizen and farmer. He was a leading member of the Congregational church, and for some years, until his death, was deacon of the same. He was buried in South Canaan, and his estate was settled Jan. 8, 1794, by agreement of his four children. He d. Nov. 13, 1793; res. Canaan, Conn. 543. i. ELIJAH, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. Cloe BECKLEY. 544. ii. JOHN, b. in 1754 [NOTE]; m. ----- [NOTE]. 545. iii. BETSEY, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. Azariah SMITH; res. C. 546. iv. RUBY, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. Solomon [NOTE] HUNT; res. C. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *At this time he resided in what is now the southerly part of Nashua, near Long Hill.

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