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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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That year he went to Chattanooga, Tenn., with Gen. Edwin MCCOOK, as chief clerk of the supply agency for the Army of the Cumberland. He was there when the war closed, when he at once engaged in the wholesale dry goods and grocery business. In 1873 he came to Chicago and at present is interested with J. W. DOANE & Co., importers and wholesalers of teas and coffees. This firm has one of the largest trades in this line in the coun- try. He is unmarried, and his address is 45 Wabash Ave. 8953. ii. DANIEL OLIVER, b. Mar. 15, 1850; d. June 26, 1860. 6407a. WELLS WHITNEY (Joel, Joel, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Benjamin, John), b. Sept 24, 1823; m. June 11, 1845, Demis HOLMES, b. ----- , d. ----- ; m. 2d Laura POTTER, b. -----, d. -----; m. 3d, June, 1873, Emeline SHATTUCK. He d. April 18, 1887. Address of living child, Mrs. Robert J. BERRY, Reading, Hillside Co., Mich. 6411a. CHARLES CARROLL WHITNEY (Joel, Joel, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Benjamin, John), b. Seneca, NY, Oct 2, 1832; m. Nov 25, 1857, Marion CLARKE, b. Mar 17, 1839, d. Jan 11, 1873; m. 2d Sept 23, 1878, Julia L. BROWN, b. Nov 26, 1848. He was born in Seneca Castle, NY. Graduated at Williams College in 1853. Subsequently engaged in the telegraph business, and was manager of the Western Union office at Indianapolis during the war. Was assistant secretary of the Frank- lin Life Insurance Company of Indianapolis, Ind., in 1874. In 1876 he became pri- vate secretary of Wm. H. BEERS, vice-president and actuary of the New York Life Insurance Company, and retained that position with him when he became president. He was elected secretary of the company in 1892, the office having been created for that purpose. He is also a director in the Manhattan Safe Deposit and Storage Company; res. New York, NY, add. 346-348 Broadway. 8954a. i. ANNETTE, b. Apr 24, 1859; m. Mar 3, 1879, Wm. H. DALL; res. 1119 12th St., n.w., Washington D.C. 8955a. ii. MARION, b. May 14, 1862; d. Feb 3, 1867. 8956a. iii. LIZZIE, b. Feb 18, 1863; res. 27 W. 128th St., NY City. 8957a. iv. ROBERT EDWIN, b. Sept 9, 1865; ad. 115 Broadway, NY City. 8958a. v. ESTHER, b. May 21, 1882; res. 170 Carroll St., Brooklyn, NY 6413a. WILLIAM HENRY WHITNEY (Joel, Joel, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Benjamin, John), b. Apr 28, 1837; m. Apr 25, 1864, Lavina H. FIERO; res. Geneva, NY, P.O. box 377. 6406. JOHN WHITNEY (Theodore, Ami, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Benja- min, John), b. Niagara, NY, Apr 24, 1828; m. Apr 6, 1848, Elizabeth A. GARRETT, b. June 6, 1825; res. Suspension Bridge, NY. 8954. i. ELLEN E., b. Sept 3, 1849. 8955. ii. FREDERICK G., b. Mar 22, 1852. 8956. iii. MARGARET EXPERIENCE, b. Oct 8, 1854. 8957. iv. JOHN WARNER, b. Nov 18, 1856; d. July 12, 1857. 8958. v. MARY SOPHIA, b. May 26, 1858; m. Oct 18, 1876, ----- VOGT. 8959. vi. EMMA ELECTA, b. Dec 13, 1860. 8960. vii. ELIZA BRYANT, b. May 11, 1863. 8961. viii. FRANCES KATE, b. Feb 13, 1866. 8962. ix. GEORGE WARNER, b. Oct 2, 1868. 6410. CHARLES FIELD WHITNEY (Theodore, Ami, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jona- than, Benjamin, John), b. Niagara Falls, NY, Nov 22, 1831; m. Oct 4, 1854, Char- lotte W. CRITTENDEN, b. Apr 30, 1835; res. Mineral Ridge, O. 8963. i. CAROLINE ELIZABETH, b. Sept 13, 1855; m. Oct 14, 1874, W. H. WARNER; res. Mineral Ridge, O., Ch.: Whitney, b. June 3, 1878; Hugh L. b., Dec 25, 1880. 8964. ii. FRANCES A., b. June 22, 1857; m. Sept 15, 1876, Rev. J.J. GRAHAM; res. Perryville, Va. Ch.: Alice Frances, b. May 23, 1877; Wm. Charles, b. Sept 5, 1880; Lottie Crittenden, b. June 14, 1882; Paul Edgar, b. July 30, 1885. 8965. iii. ABBIE W., b. July 26, 1858; res. M.R. 8966. iv. CHARLES EDWARD, b. Apr 16, 1866; m. Feb 14, 1891, Annie Elizabeth HELNIG; res. M.R. She was b. Nov 30, 1866; s.p. He is a clerk.

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