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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Third Generation.
rates, 19 Dec 1723; took the freeman's oath, 24 April 1733; and was one of the committee, appointed 27 Dec 1715, to run and finish the boundary line between Ridgefield and Norwalk. Her death, which took place at Ridgefield is thus recorded: "Sarah, ye wife of Mr Nor: Samll Smith dyed Octbr. 22d 1720." He married his second wife, Elizabeth -----, at Ridgefield, 21 June 1722. He died at Ridgefield, 25 Jasn. 1764, and was buried there. After the settlement of Ridgefield, he was always called "Norwalk Samuel Smith," to distinguish him from another settler, called "Milford Smauel Smith"--each from his former place of residence.
13 XI. Josiah Whitney, b. at Norwalk, Conn., date not known; married, 30 Oct. 1729, at Norwalk, Eunice Hanford, dau. of "Mr. Eleazer Hanford," and Hannah, his wife, and g. dau. of Rev. Thomas and Mary (Miles) Hanford, of Norwalk. They settled in Norwalk, where he died as early as 1750. He was of legal age to sell land as early as 25 Jan. 1721-22, and was named in the deed after his brothers--an indication that he was younger than they. No record of her birth or death has been found. She had £82 16s. 7d. from her father's estate, about 1737. In that year, 19 May, John Reed, "for and in behalf of his wife Hannah, and as guardian to his son-in-law, Eleazor Hanford, and his daughter-in-law, Mary Hanford, minors," quit claim to Josiah Whitney, of Norwalk, and his wife Eunice, their shares in 58 acres of land "belonging to the estate of Mr. Eleazer Hanford, late of sd Norwalk, deceased, situate nar Pimpewauge, above the Split Rock farm that was Mr. Joseph St. John's, late of Norwalk, deceased." Probably John Reed married Hannah, widow of Eleazer Hanford and mother of Josiah Whitney's wife. The final distribution of the dower of Eleazer Hanford's widow, 1 May 1759, shows that Eunice Whitney had already deceased. 78
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