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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
45 V. Daniel Whitney, b. at Stratfield parish, Fairfield, Conn., 24 Ap. 1723; a cooper. "Daniel Whitne and Hester Clason was married by ye Revnd. Mr. Ephraim Bostwick, pastor of the Church in Greenwich, on November ye 7th at evening, 1745." -- Stamford town records. She was a member of the first Congregational Church at Stamford. He settled at Stamford, about three-fourths of a mile west of the village, at the fork of the road called Dumpling Road, and there died of a cancer, after thirty years of suffering. It is thought that he lived till after the Revolutionary war. 301

Chil. of Samuel and Anne (Laboree) Whitney. 8

46 I. Sarah Whitney, b. in Stratford, Conn., 29 Aug. 1723; bap. in Stratford Congregational Church, 1 Sept. 1723; married, 6 Nov. 1746, at Stratford, Daniel Foote, who was born in Stratford, 25 July 1717, son of Jehiel and Susanna Foote, g. son of Daniel Foote, g. g. son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Smith) Foote, and g. g. g. son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Deming) Foote and of Lieut. Samuel and Elizabeth Smith.1 They lived in Stratford till after they had three children born; then removed to Newtown, Conn., where they spent the rest of their lives. He died 28 June 1790, in his 72d year; she survived him, dying 14 Dec. 1803, aged 74, accord to Foote Genealogy, p. 75 -- which is six years too little, if the date of death is right. The family record says that she died 2 Nov. 1795, in the 73d year of her age. 307
47 II. Mary Whitney, b. in Stratford, Conn., 19 Nov. 1725; bap. in Stratford Congregational Church, 20 Nov. 1725; married Edward Osborne.
48 III. Samuel Whitney, b. in Stratford, Conn., 13 Dec. 1727; married, 26 March 1751, in Stratford, Hannah Judson. She was pretty surely the daughter of Capt. James and Martha (Lewis) Judson, who were m. in Stratford, 18 Dec. 1712; for "Martha Judson, of Stratford, widow of Capt. James Judson, late of Stratford, deceased," released, 30 Sept. 1754,2 to "Samuel Whitney and Hannah Whitney, wife to ye sd Samll, both of sd Stratford," all her right of dower in "fifteen acres of land Divided or Distributed and set off to ye sd Hannah wife to ye sd Samll Whitnee of Buckswamp in said Stratford, sd fifteen acres being north on ye land of Willm Curtis, east on David Judson, Joseph Judson, and James Judson's land," &c. She died in Stratford, of small-pox, 23 Dec. 1760. The town gave him "Liberty to erect a Store-House, of about 20 feet in length & 18 315
  1 See Goodwin's Foote Genealogy and Savage's Genealogical Dictionary.
  2 Recorded, 30 Sept. 1754, in Stratford Land Records, II, 50.
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