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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
1750; married, about 1761, at Derby, Conn., Eunice Clark,1 dau. of William and Hannah Clark of Derby, where she was born 15 Ap. 1746. They settled in Derby, and there owned the covenant in the Congregational Church, 11 Ap. 1762. She died in Derby, on Thursday, 21 Aug. 1794, aged 48 years. He died in Derby, 1 May 1811, "aged 75 years." They were buried in the old Episcopal Cemtery in Derby. An obituary notice of him quaintly says: "He was the founder of King Hiram's Lodge in Derby; he squared his life by the rules of Masonry, and, directed by the invariable compass of rectitude, he entered the harbor of rest; his Masonic brethren honoured his interment with the sprig of evergreen, emblem of that eternal life, the donation of the Grand Architect, who will hail with a voice of brotherly love every free and well-accepted Mason into the Grand Lodge above. He was many years an active and useful inhabitant of this town; he died much lamented and respected by his relations and acquaintance; he was a member of, and a communicant in, the Episcopal Church, and was buried according to the rites and ceremonies of that Church, in sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life."
81 IV. Eliezer Whitney, b. in Norwalk, Conn., 7 March 1737-8; chose Phineas Hanford as his guardian, 3 Aug. 1756, and then lived in Norwalk.
82 V. Isaac Whitney, b. in Norwalk, Conn., 27 March 1741; was living 20 June 1763; was of Norwalk 13 Ap. 1756, when he chose Phineas Hanford as his guardian.
  1 Her sister, Eliza Clark, of Lyme Centre, married Joseph Hull, of Derby, in 1749, and became the mother of Gen. William Hull and grandmother of Commodore Isaac Hull. Their father, William Clark, is said, in Clarke's Descendants of Richard Hull, p. 5, to have gone from Lyme to Derby in 1735, and to have been a descendant of Thomas Clarke, who is thought to have been mate of the Mayflower in 1620. Compare Clarke's Descendants of Thomas Clarke, p. 16. Hannah, wife of William Clark, died in 1801, aged 91 years, leaving 333 descendants.
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