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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
the Methodist Episcopal Church,.in Ap. 1861; was pastor at Somerville, N. J., from Ap. 1861 to Nov. 1861; at Elizabeth, N. J., to March 1863; at Newton, N. J., to March 1866; at Plainfield, N. J., to March 1868; at Trinity, Jersey City, N. J., to March 1870; was building the Conference Seminary at Hackettstown, N. J., and residing in Newark, N. J., till March 1871; and was pastor at Passaic, N. J., to Ap. 1874, during which he built St. George's Methodist Episcopal Church, a stone structure, costing $75,000. Since Ap. 1874, he has resided at Hackettstown, N. J., as president of the Newark Conference Centenary Collegiate Institute, to which he was elected in March 1870. Mount Union College, Ohio, gave him the degree of D. D., in 1873. During 1868-71, he wrote and published a Hand-Book of Bible Geography, a large duodecimo volume, which has been reprinted in London, and translated into German. He wrote a commentary on the Sunday School lessons for 1872-74; and in 1873, made a map of Egypt, Sinai and Palestine, six feet square, and embodying the most recent researches.
He was married, 17 Nov. 1858, at Theresa, N.Y., by Rev. J. M. Freeman, Methodist Episcopal, to Caroline Amanda Shepard, whose parents, Rev. Hiram and Amanda (Butterfield) Shepard, then lived in Theresa. She was born in Stockbridge, N. Y., 17 May 1834; died in Newton, N. J., 19 Dec. 1865; and was buried in Fair Mount Cemetery, at Newark, N. J. He was married (2d), 24 Dec. 1867, at Plainfield, N. J., by Rev. J. H. Vincent, Methodist Episcopal, to Henrietta French, of Plainfield, who was born 9 May 1848, dau. of Dr. Phineas Mundy and Mary Emeline (Oswald) French.
3878 V. Charles Washington Whitney, b. at Washington, D. C., 9 June 1843; a dealer in hats, caps, furs, and millinery; moved with his parents,1 when six years old, to Newark, N. J.; thence, a year later, to Camptown, now Irvington, N. J., where they dwelt four years; then returned to Newark, where he was married at her mother's house, 64 Plane Street, 6 May 1868, by Rev. J. Tewsmith, D. D., pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, to Eliza Priscilla Beach, dau. of Edward Pierson and Sally (Anderson) Beach, of Newark, and, previous to 1858, of Hanover, N. J., where she was born 7 Nov. 1843. They dwelt at Newark, with his business at 773 Broad Street, till 1 Ap. 1877; and then removed to Hackettstown, N.J., where they were living in Aug. 1877. 10392a
3879 VI. Edward Alvin Whitney, b. at Camptown, now Irvington, N. J., 2 Jan. 1849; a book-keeper; married at the First Methodist Protestant Church in Newark, N. J., 10 May 1871, Alice Hathaway, whose parents then lived in Newark. She was born in Pearl Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., 10 Nov. 1850, dau of Thomas and Esther Angeline (Baker) Hathaway.2 10393
  1 They dwelt in Newark till 1 Ap. 1876; and then returned to Irvington, N. J., where they were living in Aug. 1877.
  2 Thomas Hathaway died at Middlebury, Vt., 24 June 1862, from wounds received in battle.
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