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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
5054 V. Annette Susan Whitney, b. at Southwick, Mass., 10 Jan. 1849; married there, 2 Sept. 1869, by Rev. J. H. Dearborn, Baptist, to James Sylvester Sexton, a carpenter and joiner, son of George and Huldah (Phelps) Sexton, of Weston, Mo., formerly of Westfield, Mass., where he was born 19 Feb. 1837. They settled at Westfield, and were living there in July 1876. 12760
5055 VI. Henry Clay Whitney, b. at Southwick, Mass., 13 Jan. 1854; died at Westfield, Mass., 28 Feb. 1864, and was buried there, in Pine Hill Cemetery.

Child of William Lewis and Emeline (Holcombe) Whitney. 1535

5056 I. William Hiram Whitney, was living at 328 Eighth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., in Jan. 1876, an agent for school publications.

Chil. of Seth and Mary (Batchelder) Whitney. 1536

5057 I. Sarah Jane Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 14 Dec. 1834; died there 27 June 1837, and was buried in Montville Cemetery.
5058 II. Mary Elvira Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 27 Aug. 1836; married there, by Rev. W. A. Matson, Methodist, 25 May 1857, to Sherman Enon Spencer, a machinist and wool-carder, son of Enon and Lucina (Bacon) Spencer, of New Hartford, Conn., where he was born 23 Aug. 1824. They settled in South Thompson, Ohio (where he has been postmaster for twelve years, and justice of the peace six years), and still lived there in 1874. 12763
5059 III. Sophia Jane Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 10 March 1840; married at Wauseca, Minn., 31 Oct 1858, Hiram Tuttle; and settled at Wauseca, where they still lived in 1874. 12771
5060 IV. Emeroy Margaret Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 7 Feb. 1843; married there, by Rev. Mr. Chamberlain, Methodist, 8 Aug. 1863, as his second wife, to Henry Tenney Brown,1 a farmer, son of David Tenney and Elizabeth (Thorp) Brown, of Hampden, Ohio, where he was born 7 June 1839. They settled in Hampden. In the war of 1861, he was employed to guard government stores; left home 17 Aug. 1864, for Chattanooga, Tenn.; was seized by camp diarrhoea and typhoid fever, and died in Chattanooga, 8 Oct. 1864, after a sickness 12778
1 By his former marriage he had one son, Lyman Brown, born at Hampden 1 Oct. 1860.
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