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HARVEY, W., DASHWOOD, G. H., & BULWER, E. E. G. (1878). The visitation of Norfolk in the year 1563. Norwich, Printed by Miller and Leavins.

From Google books.

pages 129-130

71. AUDLEY. Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 2, Gules, a fret Or, Audley; 2 and 3, Ermine, a chevron gules, Touchet. Crest: A Moor's head ppr. in profile, wreathed round the temples, arg. and gules. On a shield--Baron blank, impaling Gules three unicorns' heads couped Or, Parris Another--Impaling, Quarterly, 1. Arg. two chevrons az. within a bordure eng. gules, Tirrel; 2. Paly of six arg. and sable, Swinford; 3. Arg. a cross betw. four escallops sable, Coggeshall; 4. Gules on a chevron arg. three dolphins em- bowed vert Flambert. Nicholas de Audley,= Maud da. & coh. of John Gifford summoned to Parliament,| by Maud da. & h. of Walter de Clifford, 25 Edw. 1. | and widow of William de Longespe. __________________________| | Sir Nicholas de Audley, 2 son, = Joan, da. of Henry Lacy Earl and heir to his brother Thomas.| of Lincoln. Thomas Tuchet.= __________________________| | | __________| Sir James Lo. Awdley of = Joan, da. of Roger Mortimer, | Redcastle & of Healy, who| Earl of March. Sir Robert Tuchet.= distinguished himself at | | Poictiers. | _______| _________________________________|_____________________ | | | | Sir John Tochett., of = Jane (Joan) sister and Sir Nicholas Lord Awdley, Margaret, 2 da. Marketon | heir of Nicholas. sanz issue. m. Sir Roger Hillary. ___________| | Margaret, da. = James Tochett = Eleanor, base da. of Edmund Erle of Thomas | Lo. Awdley | of Kent and Sarum. Lord Rosse. | | __________________|_________ |__________________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | | John Tochet, Margaret, ux. Anne, or Sir Humphrey = Elizabeth, da. Edmund 1. Margaret, Lacy Anne, ux. Lo. Awdley. Sir. Tho. Elizab. Awdley | of Sir Philip Awdley, Powes. She m. Richd. Dela- Cutton. ux. Edw. | Courtney, Bishop of Henry Grey, Lord bert. Brooke, | sister to the Sarum. Powis, son of -- Lo. Cob- | Bishop of -- Henry, Earl of 3. Constance, ham. | Winchester, Thomas. Tankerville. m. Sir Rob. | widow of Sir Ob. coel. -- Whitney, Knt. | Thomas Lut- 2. Elilzabeth, m. | terell. Edw. Brooke, Lord | Cobham. (Banks.) /|\

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