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p. 54, #474: Betty5 WHITNEY married, say 1750, Samuel BRUCE. They had ten children recorded in Bolton, MA. This identity is proven since her grandmother Elizabeth (BARNARD) WHITNEY mentions her granddaughter Betty BRUCE in her will, dated 8 May 1756. The Elizabeth WHITNEY who married Thomas ATHERTON was probably Elizabeth6 [Josiah5, Richard4, Richard3, Richard2, John1], #1046 on page 87.

p. 54, #143: Elijah4 WHITNEY married firstly, 11 Mar 1731, Lancaster, MA, Mercy HEALD, by whom he had one son:

  • Elias5 WHITNEY, born 26 Dec 1731, Lancaster, MA, died young.

He married secondly, Rebecca WINSHIP.

p. 54, #477: Elias5 WHITNEY died 19 Apr 1755, not 12 Apr 1755, Harvard, MA, according to Harvard vital records.

p. 54, #478: Rebecca5 WHITNEY was born 25 May 1743, Harvard, MA, according to Harvard vital records. She and Paul WHITCOMB had six children born in Bolton, MA.

p. 54, #479: Their son Aaron WARNER was born 25 Sep 1780, not 2 Oct 1780, according to Harvard vital records.

p. 54, #481: Israel5 WHITNEY married secondly Abigail PUFFER.

p. 54, #482: Elijah5 WHITNEY married Lydia McELWAIN.

p. 54, #145: Jonas WHITNEY of Stow was Jonas4 WHITNEY [Moses3, Richard2, John1], #104 on page 47, and some of the information given here should appear on page 47.

p. 54, #146: It was the intentions of marriage which were published 18 Jan 1737/8 in Lancaster, MA. The marriage happened 20 Apr 1738, Harvard, MA, according to Harvard vital records. Sarah's mother was not Elizabeth (LEE) but Elizabeth (BARNARD). The data about Abraham WHITNEY's farm may apply to a different Abraham4 WHITNEY, #103 on page 46. There are two dates of death in Harvard vital records for Sarah (WHITNEY) WHITNEY. One is given correctly by Pierce, 4 Jul 1800. The other is 5 Jul 1799. There was an additional child:

  • Isaiah5 WHITNEY, born about 1756, according to his age at death, married, 28 Feb 1776, Concord, MA, Mary WHEELER, and died 15 Jan 1841, in his 86th year, Harvard, MA. They had ten children born in Harvard, not treated by Pierce.

p. 54, #484: Sarah5 WHITNEY did not die on 26 Dec 1746. Instead, it was her third cousin Sarah5 WHITNEY, #393 on page 49. This lady and Samuel WETHERBEE published their intentions of marriage on 3 and 4 Apr 1767 in Harvard and Stow, MA, respectively, according to Harvard vital records and Stow vital records. She died 6 Sep 1805, Boxborough, MA, aged 65 years 4 months, according to Boxborough vital records, which tallies nicely with her birth date.

p. 54, #485: Elizabeth5 WHITNEY was born 25 Apr 1742, not 16 Apr 1742, according to Harvard vital records. She died 20 Jan 1830, aged 88 years, unmarried, according to the same source.

p. 54, #486: Mary5 WHITNEY, so named in her birth record, was baptized as Mercy on 23 Sep 1744, Harvard, MA, and married as Mercy, 9 Jan 1766, Harvard, Elijah HOUGHTON. They had eleven children born in Harvard.

p. 54, #489: Isaiah5 WHITNEY died 8 Sep 1755, aged 4 years, Harvard, MA, according to Harvard vital records. It was a nephew Isaiah6 WHITNEY, son of John5 and Sarah (ATHERTON) WHITNEY, #1246 on page 103, whose record is carried forward as #489 on page 103. He had a younger brother of the same name, for which see above.

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