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Elizabeth Chaundler (Richard, Robert, Richard, Elizabeth Robage, Anne Whitney, Robert, Robert [perhaps] Robert, Eustace, Robert, Robert, Robert, Eustace, Eustace, Robert, ...), daughter of Richard and Mary (Palmer) Chaundler, was born say 1680 and died 1723.

She married John Champneys of Orchadleigh, Somersetshire, Esq., died 1705. John Champneys, Esq. was the son of Richard Champneys, the son of Henry Champneys, Esq.

Charles I.'s Counterpane. -

"The counterpane which covered the bed of Charles I. the night before his execution, and which is made of a thick rich blue satin, embroidered with gold and silver in a deep border, has continued to be used by the family of Champneys, of Orchadleigh, near Frome, Somersetshire, as a christening mantle, from the period it came into their possession, by marriage with the sole heiress of the Chandlers, of Camm's Hall, near Fareham, Hampshire - a family connected with Cromwell. The sword-belt of the unfortunate king is likewise at Orchardleigh House." - Bell's Messenger, May 19, 1828. K.P.D.E.

From: Monumental Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard of St Mary's, Orchardleigh, Frome, Courtesy of Frome Family History Society.

(A handsome ledger stone of black marble set in the floor of the Champneys Chapel, the arms of Champneys, party perpael, or and sable, a border engrailed and countercharged, a lion rampant gules, impaling Hippisley sable, three mullets pierced in bend between two bendlets or, deeply cut in the roundel)

Hic jacet Deborah uxor Johannis / Champneys Armigeri quae objit/ (t) ricessimo die Septemb Ano Dom 1668

(Brass plaque in wooden frame in Champneys Chapel). THIS TABLET is placed to record the removal / of the mortal remains / of /

SIR THOMAS CHAMPNEYS BARONET/ to the family vault of a long line of ancestors/ within this chapel/ from the parish church of Exton, in Hampshire, wherein they had/ been inconsiderately deposited by order of his executors./ The late baronet was the only surviving son of Richard/ Chaundler Champneys, by Jane Swymmer his second wife, eventually/ sole heiress to her brother Anthony Langley Swymmer of Mold/ in the county of Flint, and Nutts River, in the island of Jamaica./ Sir Thomas married early in life, Caroline Ann, elder daughter of Richard Cox, Esq. Of Quarely House in Hampshire, by Caroline 3rd daughter/ of Sir William Codrington of Dodington Park in Gloucestershire, by whom he/ had six children, one alone surviving him: the present baronet/ THOMAS SWYMMER CHAMPNEYS, of this place.

The late Sir Thomas served the office of High Sheriff for/ the county with great splendour in the year 1775. Was a magistrate/ and deputy lieutenant of the same, he inherited very considerable estates from his father and uncle in the several counties of Somerset, Hants, Wilts/ Flint and Gloster, but from mismanagement by his guardians during his minority/ and too easy and liberal a disposition through life no less than six entire/ manors with other property was alienated from the family estates and/ Manors of Orchardleigh and Frome Selwood, and certain estates/ attached thereto alone remained with the plantations in Jamaica at his/ decease. To record a possession in the same name and family in regular/ descent from the Norman Conquest to the present time.

Sir Thomas Departed this life at his/ residence in Exton, after a most severe and protracted/ illness of some years duration. July 2nd 1821./ AGED 76/ Requiescat in pace (on scroll)

(Stone plaque on carved brackets in Champneys Chapel; Champneys arms in top left hand corner.)

Within this vault beneath lie the Bodies of/ Sir Thomas Champneys kt. Ob. 1506 & Dame Margaret his Wife ob. 1491./ Sir Henry Champneys kt. Eldest son Ob. 1570 & Dame Eliz. His wife Ob. 1580./ John Champneys Esq. Ob. 1613 Joan his first wife/ ob. 1601. Cecil 2nd Wife ob. 1620./ John Champneys Esq. Ob. 1640 & Honor his Wife/ ob. 1661/ John Champneys Esq. Ob. 1672 & Joan his/ Wife ob. 1684/ John Champneys Esq. Ob. 1678 & Deborah his/ Wife ob. 1668/ John Champneys Esq. Eldest son ob. 1700/ John Champneys Esq. Ob. 1705 & Elizabeth his Wife/ ob. 1723/ Richard Champneys Esq. (who was 21st descendent/ from Sir Amian Champneys, Kt. Possesor of this Place/, Anno Dommino 1131) ob. 1761. Sarah his 1st Wife/ ob. 1733 & Jane his 2nd Wife ob. 1752.

(Marble plaque with relief of woman weeping over an urn, an anchor behind her. Not signed but similar to plaque opposite to her daughter by King & Son).

Sacred to the Memory of DAME CAROLINE ANN CHAMPNEYS/ Wife of SIR THOMAS CHAMPNEYS BART of this place/ She died at Rameceau in Picardy and was here buried. July 13th 1791 Aged 41./ Also to three of their children RICHARD, LOUISA ANN, and/ JOHN SWYMMER POWLETT CHAMPNEYS, who died infants.

(Marble plaque showing a woman resting her elbow on a pillar. Signed "King and Son Londini fecit").

In affectionate remembrance of CAROLINE CHAMPNEYS/ eldest daughter of SIR THOMAS CHAMPNEYS BART, and/ DAME CAROLINE ANN his Wife, who closed a life replete with/ every virtue and was here buried April 28 1793. Her remains/ were conveyed from Lisbon, where she died in the 22nd year of her Age. Yet shall not her belov'd remembrance sleep Within the dark cold bosom of the Earth, Be ours her transient date of Life to weep. But hers to triumph in unfading worth. Which when mortality's frail scene is o'er And this vast universe shall fade away, Will place her where pale anguish groans no more Mid the bright mansions of Eternal Day. (Marble Gothick plaque)

Sacred/ to the memory of/ SIR THOMAS SWYMMER MOSTYN CHAMPNEYS BART/ who departed this life 21st November 1839/ in the 71st year of his age./ Sir Thomas was twenty-fifth in lineal descent from/ the first possessor of ORCHARDLEIGH, and twenty-third from Sir Amian Champneys, and his wife/ the LADY ANN COURTENAY grand daughter maternally of LOUIS, KING OF FRANCE./ The late baronet filled the office of/ HIGH SHERIFF OF SOMERSETSHIRE/ in the year 1800 with great magnificence:/ was DEPUTY LIEUTENANT, and/ for many years a most active and popular/ MAGISTRATE of the COUNTY/ and through life was most generous, kind, and Liberal Friend of the Poor. Nb. Before the restoration of Orchardleigh in 1879 numbers 4 and 5 were situated in the chancel on either side of the east window. No 6 was on the north wall of the nave. At the restoration all mundane memorials were removed from the chancel.

Children of John and Elizabeth (Chaundler) Champneys:

i. John Champneys, married and had a son John.
ii. Richard Champneys.
iii. Joanna Maria Champneys m. ---- Houle. Two sons: Richard Houle and John Houle named in their Uncle Richard Champneys's will.


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  • Monumental Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard of St Mary's, Orchardleigh, Frome, Courtesy of Frome Family History Society.

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