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Alpheus6 Whitney's House

Alpheus6 Whitney (Samuel5, William4, Nathaniel3, John2, John1), son of Samuel5 and Abigail (Fletcher) Whitney, was born 25 Feb 1759, Westminster, MA,[1] and died 7 Mar 1821, Westminster, MA, aged 64 years [or 62 years].[2]

Marriage intentions were published 9 Feb 1792, Fitchburg, MA, for him "of Westminster" and Esther Hartwell "of Fitchburg".[3] Marriage intentions were published 26 Feb 1792, Westminster, MA, for him and Esther Hartwell "of Fitchburg".[4] He "of Westminster" married, 11 Oct 1792, Fitchburg, MA, Esther Hartwell "of Fitchburg",[5] daughter of Phineas and Mary (Peirce) Hartwell. She was born 15 Jan 1759, Fitchburg, MA, and died 7 Sep 1846, Westminster, MA, aged 87 years 7 months, of cholera morbus.[6]

Alpheus6 and Esther (Hartwell) Whitney had no children.



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