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Eben6 Whitney (Ebenezer5, David4, Joseph3, John2, Henry1), son of Ebenezer5 and Ruth (Raymond) Whitney, was born 19 Nov 1783, Wilton, in Norwalk, CT,[1] and died 22 May 1869, Norwalk, CT. He was buried in the "down town cemetery", where his gravestone says: "The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips; he walked with me in peace and equity, and did turn many away from iniquity."

He married firstly, 2 Apr 1805, New York, NY, Esther Patterson, daughter of James Patterson, of Shrewsbury, NJ. She was born 15 Jun 1780, Red Bank, NJ, and died 2 Feb 1843, New York, NY. She was buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery.

He married secondly, 20 Nov 1843, Norwalk, CT, Emeline Hoyt, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Reed) Hoyt. She was born 2 Jun 1805, Stamford, CT, and died 9 Jan 1854, Norwalk, CT. She was buried in the "down town cemetery".

He married thirdly, 9 Sep 1857, Norwalk, CT, Elizabeth Raymond, daughter of Hezekiah Raymond. She was born 13 Sep 1806, Norwalk, CT, and died after 1880.

Eben Whitney . . . was bound to his brother, Asa Whitney, 15 May 1798, to learn his trade of silversmith and watchmaker . . . . They settled in New York. The Directory places him at 20 Chambers Street, 1805; 290 Water Street, 1806; 338 Water Street, same as his brother, Asa Whitney, 1807; William Street, 1808; 381 Pearl Street, 1809; and there he continued till 1840, and was succeeded in 1842, by his son, Edward Tompkins Whitney.

Children of Eben6 and Esther (Patterson) Whitney:

i. Eliza Ann7 Whitney, b. 2 Jan 1806, New York, NY; m.(1) James D. Phillips; m.(2) William Cooper.
ii. Mary Esther Whitney, b. 24 Apr 1808, New York, NY; died unmarried, 23 Sep 1849, and was buried in New York City, but was finally removed to Cypress Hills Cemetery.
iii. Margaret Sarah Whitney, b. 19 Nov 1812, New York, NY; d. 12 Oct 1813, New York, NY, and was buried in New York.
iv. William Henry Whitney, b. 19 Sep 1814, New York, NY; m. Sarah Ann Titus.
v. Sarah Emily Whitney, b. 23 Feb 1816, New York, NY; m. John Firth.
vi. Edward Tompkins Whitney, b. 1 Apr 1820, New York, NY; m. Catharine Helen Chapple.

Eben6 and Emeline (Hoyt) Whitney had no children.

Eben6 and Elizabeth (Raymond) Whitney had no children.


573 725 Eben. Whitney 66 M - Jeweller $4500 Conn. Emeline " 45 F - "

1040 1352 Eben Whitney 76 M - Watch Maker $4000 $1200 Conn. Elizabeth " 52 F - "

819 943 Raymond, Charles 62 M W Hatter $10000 $2800 Conn. Male citizen over 21 -----, Harriet 51 F W Keeping house New York -----, Elizabeth 25 F W " -----, Harriet A. 22 F W Conn. Attended school -----, Sarah J. 20 F W At Home " -----, Katie M. 14 F W " Attended school -----, Charles N. 17 M W Works in Lock facty. " Near, Mary 78 F W New York 944 Whitney, Elizabeth 63 F W Keeping house $600 Conn. 945 Fitch, Theodore 30 M W Works in Straw facty. " Male citizen over 21 -----, Louisa 26 F W Keeping house " -----, Millie 3 F W " -----, Clara 11/12 F W " Born in Aug

Albert F. SCOFIELD 38 Self M M W CT Carpenter CT CT Mary A. SCOFIELD 30 Wife F M W NY Keeping House NY NY Geo. H. SCOFIELD 6 Son M S W CT CT NY Mary A. HART 70 Moth F W W CT CT CT Elizabeth WHITNEY 73 Oth F W W CT Keeping House CT CT


1.^  "Ebenezer [Whitney], s. Ebenezer & Ruth, b. 19 Nov 1783," according to the Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records, Norwalk LR18:27.

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