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Elizabeth 4 Whitney (Isaac3, Benjamin2, John1), daughter of Isaac3 and Elizabeth (Bridges) Whitney,[1] was born 28 Jan 1731/2, Hopkinton, MA,[2] and died between 9 Nov 1749 and 30 Sep 1751, probably in Hopkinton, MA.[3]

She married 7 Sep 1749, Hopkinton, MA, Ebenezer How,[4] son of John and Sarah (Gould) How,[5] as his first wife. He was born 13 Dec 1725, Wilmington, MA,[6] but his death is unknown.

Ebenezer How married secondly, 31 Sep 1751 [sic], Hopkinton, MA, Lucy Stimpson,[7] daughter of George and Margaret (Rust) Stimpson[8]. She was baptized 9 Apr 1732, Ipswich, MA,[9] and died 22 Oct 1824, Hopkinton, MA, aged 92 years 7 months, "a native of the town of Ipswich" [C.R.1].[10]

On 4 May 1749, Elizabeth Whitney was mentioned as his daughter in the will of her father Isaac3 Whitney of Hopkinton. On 9 Nov 1749, Ebenezer Howe, Judith4 Whitney, and Elizabeth How consented to the will of their father, Isaac3 Whitney.[11]

Ebenezer and Elizabeth4 (Whitney) How had no known children.

Children of Ebenezer and Lucy (Stimpson) How:

i. Elisabeth How, b. 27 Sep 1752, Hopkinton, MA;[12] m. no further record.
ii. Margaret How, b. 20 Oct 1754, Hopkinton, MA;[13] no further record.
iii. Lucy How, bapt. 1 Jan 1764, Hopkinton, MA;[14] no further record.


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